Hot House’s Stiff Sentence Begins…


Hot House has TWO new movies to start off the year, both directed by Tony Dimarco and being released on the website on alternate weeks. Last week the site premiered the first scene from the locker room sex fantasy Towel Off and this week it’s the darker and more intense prison sex saga Stiff Sentence. They were filmed back-to-back but couldn’t be more different and in these first scenes show off the versatile talents of the director and his cast.


Although it’s not brutal or gritty right from the start you can tell that Stiff Sentence isn’t going to be some playful gay sex fantasy either. It’s after hours and prison guard Jimmy Durano walks up deliberately to a cell when Gabriel Cross is sleeping. The guard uses his nightstick to rouse the sleeping inmate and feed it to the whimpering young man. In no time the guard takes out his hard cock and gets the muscle pup to suck it through the bars.

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Although he eventually becomes a more willing sub, Gabriel Cross maintains the air of semi-frightened timidity while Jimmy Durano stays ever focused and in charge. After sucking off Jimmy through the bars Gabriel gets the silent command to turn around get on his cot on all fours and show the guard his bubble butt, barely covered by his tight underwear. Jimmy pulls off the underwear and rims and fingers the tight hole. He uses the night stick again to pry open his prize.

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Jimmy Durano works over Gabriel Cross but eventually wants full-on access to his hot ass. He gets inside the cell and fucks him hard and for quite a while. By the way Tony Dimarco edits into the scene a few seconds of footage from a security cam viewing the sex. So it appears that whatever goes on here–and likely later–is also being seen by another party. And it will become part of the intrigue later.

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Gabriel Cross has such a hot gymnast-wrestler-type muscularity and he uses his physique and flexibility to great advantage. He rides Jimmy Durano‘s cock hard and the top not only doesn’t let up he thrusts in him even harder. Soon enough Gabriel cums and gets on his knees to take a facial from Jimmy. Gabriel is very eager for the cum and gets quite a mouthful. Again Jimmy Durano impresses as always as power top but arguably it’s Gabriel Cross who proves the visual excitement.


In the weeks ahead Stiff Sentence will continue with A-Team exclusives Johnny V and Brian Bonds as fellow guards who get it on with each other; Rocco Steele as a tough con and Kyle Kash as his bitch; and sexy Sean Duran as an inmate who seems have his way with guard Brian. More to come…



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