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The second scene from director Tony Dimarco‘s prison-themed sextravaganza Stiff Sentence has been released and it continues the semi-gritty tone found in the first scene with equally hot results. Tony Dimarco again strikes the right balance here, between pure sex fantasy and the hard-edged realism that the prison theme warrants. And the second scene in Stiff Sentence is just as well cast with Brian Bonds and Sean Duran convincingly playing out forbidden sexual clash of criminals and peacekeepers.

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In the scene Jimmy Durano, back as the prison guard from part 1, tells fellow guard Brian Bonds about more trouble that inmate Sean Duran has gotten into and Brian has a little talk with the con. In the course of their chat tattooed tough guy Sean (again very convincing) reveals that he and the rest of the inmates know Brian is gay. And Sean has seen the guard looking at his cock. Though Brian denies this, Sean comes on to him, offering Brian much more than a look. And once he reveals his hard-on Brian goes down on it and the power dynamic flips all the way.

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As muscular Sean Duran stands in a dominant position over the seated Brian Bonds he gets vocal and verbal, tweaking the nipples on his sculpted hairy chest and periodically gagging the guard with his cock. By the way, with his tatts, jaw-dropping muscular body and attitude Sean Duran looks every inch the hardened convict. Brian goes all in, nibbling on Sean’s erect nipples, stripping off his shirt and tank top and sitting back as Sean sucks on HIS nipples. In one swift movement Brian Bonds is lying across the desk submissively offering up his as for goateed Sean to rim hungrily.


After getting his hole licked and fingered for a bit Brian Bonds is soon up on top of the desk in full submissive and Sean Duran fucks him from behind. As we mentioned this appears to be a perfect match-up because the two stars seem to mesh very well with the same kind of drive and intense energy. Sean is a very versatile performer and evolved into an edgy performer. Brian has perfected a persona of his own, that of the guy-next-door on the outside and hot sex pig on the inside. As power top and power bottom here they work really well together, Sean grunts and thrusts and Brian lets out load moans which tell you that each of those thrusts is hitting the target inside.

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After some powerful fucking in one position they switch it up with Sean Duran fucking Brian Bonds on his back. Again these guys are in sync with Brian vocally and physically urging Sean to give it hard to him. And Sean obliges, soon fucking an intense orgasm out of the bottom who spills a creamy load over his semi-furry abs. When Sean is ready to explode they come to a spontaneous agreement for the top to shoot in his mouth. And both men look very satisfied as a result.


As we reported before there’s more of Brian Bonds to come as he’s paired with Johnny V as a fellow guard in the 4th (?) scene. But in two weeks (after next week’s scene from Tony Dimarco’s Towel Off) we believe is the much-anticipated scene with Kyle Kash and Rocco Steele!


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