Hot House’s Stiff Sentence Part 3

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What happens late at night when two horny and restless prison guards find themselves alone after lockdown? That’s the premise in the third scene from director Tony Dimarco’s Stiff Sentence, out this week at Hot House . A-Teamers Johnny V and Brian Bonds are the guards in the intense scene made even hotter by the talents of the two stars. They’re spot on in their acting in the minimal amount of story presented by Dimarco and they go from mild to wild with plenty of chemistry and uninhibited vocal sex.


In his second scene from Stiff Sentence sexy Brian Bonds returns as the gay prison guard who crossed the line having sex with convict Sean Duran. He tells fellow guard Johnny V, just having done bed checks, how he watches porn and jerks off on these late nights. So, Johnny joins him watching it and before too long Johnny has a hard-on. Brian is giving the eye to the bulge and Johnny’s tugging on it And after taking out his shapely cock to “stroke one off” as Johnny calls it , Brian wastes little time going down on him.

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As we mentioned the guys are both very vocal and it does add an extra level of heat to the proceedings. Johnny V gets deep-throated by the talented Brian Bonds and he is quite pleased to let him know. Johnny takes a dominant role here and that seems to be perfect for an aggressive type like Brian who looks up at him with sexed-up fervor. And Brian gets to show his dominant side when they switch places sucking cock. It’s the beauty of having two versatile performers in one scene. Abd it’s a portent of things to come.


After getting his throat fucked Johnny V takes the reins again to rim and fuck Brian Bonds who eagerly jumps on the desk to offer up his hot ass. When Johnny fucks him from behind he really pounds him and the two get very loud, throwing caution to the wind when it’s likely they’ll be heard by someone in the facility.  And yes, Johnny V gets fucked too, lying on his back, his legs up in the air and spread open for aggressive rimming and fucking. With all this sweaty built-up action it’s no surprise then that Johnny pumps out a big load over his own torso (check out Johnny’s sculpted hairy pecs!)and Brian Bonds shoots a huge one over Johnny’s bod.



One thing is always clear with Johnny V and Brian Bonds–they always give it their all for a scene. And director Tony Dimarco made a very smart move casting these as guards and putting them together in a scene. There’s not one false note here.

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