Hot House’s Stiff Sentence Finale!

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Super-hot rising star Kyle Kash and hung mega-star Rocco Steele co-star this week at Hot House in the long-awaited finale of Stiff Sentence from director Tony Dimarco. It’s an intensely hot and edgy scene with a slight twist and match-up that showcases the talents and the contrasting sex appeal of the two performers. In short, Stiff Sentence ends on a very high note.

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As we’ve seen in the previous episodes of Stiff Sentence director Tony Dimarco strikes a balance between the relatively dark prison sex fantasy and the considerably harsher reality of incarceration. Kyle Kash is led to the jail by prison guard Jimmy Durano who leaves him alone to wait in the exercise area right outside the jail cell of rough and tough Rocco Steele. And right away he gets the attention of Rocco who engages in conversation with the semi-scared newbie.And of course he offers to protect him–his self-described “insurance policy” .


Of course the protection comes with a price and Rocco Steele pulls out his thick monster cock. ordering Kyle Kash to get on his knees and suck through the bars of his cell . Kyle practically dislocates his jaw and opens up to take almost all of Rocco’s cock–much to the vocal pleasure of the hardened convict. The combination of Kyle’ oral skills and Rocco’s deep-voiced moans just might put you over the edge.


As good as Kyle Kash is at sucking his cock, Rocco Steele wants more. He commands a compliant Kyle to strip off his orange coverall bend over, show his ass and spread his cheeks.  Rocco then proceeds to work over and prep Kyle’s shapely ass for fucking. Rocco licks, rims, fingers and basically turns the shapely bubble but into his property without saying so. And then with little effort he stands up to start fucking the bent over Kyle through the bars. They’re both vocal with no concern over being heard or caught.

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The twist here is that guard Jimmy Durano is sitting at his desk watching the free sex show and jerking off to it. But he apparently wants a better view. So he goes to the cell and lets Rocco Steele out to finish fucking Kyle Kash. And because Rocco slips the guard money to let him out temporarily we can assume this was a pre-arranged and likely has happened before. Once out Rocco Steele goes to town on Kyle’s ass.


Without the cumbersome cell bars Rocco Steele fucks Kyle Kash on the padded bench in the center of the room and he fucks him like he means it. As we’ve sen many times before Rocco Steele puts power through every thrust and accentuates it with his deep voice. And when he has a bottom as perfect as Kyle Kash who takes it all and expresses the sexual pain-pleasure principle with his face and body as well as his voice. The combination is magic.


This scene also has what we call “dynamic fucking”. Rocco Steele fucks Kyle Kash from behind in several positions as they find their groove. They start out doggie style, transition to Kyle’s legs pulled under him (you have to really look hard to see this sequence) and then to a position where Kyle’s head and shoulders pinned to the bench as his raised ass gets plowed. It’s a very hot display.

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Kyle gets his turn to ride Rocco’s cock and he does so like a like a champ. Once again this is two guys in sync. Rocco holding Kyle as he rides his cock and often looking like he’s moving Kyle’s ass up and down on his cock like a sex toy. Rocco Steele fully takes over again and tops Kyle Kash on his on his back. He fucks the cum out of Kyle and it sure appears that Rocco’s deep-voiced dirty talk helps to push him over the edge. Kyle cums like he hadn’t cum in weeks and after he glazes his rippling torso Rocco follows up with a huge load over the bottom.


Lastly, speaking of his body Kyle Kash really looks amazing here. We know from his Twitter that he’s very disciplined in his diet and workouts. We assume he wants to look good on camera as well as keeping fit and he succeeds tremendously. There isn’t one frame in this scene that he doesn’t look great.

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