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There are still a couple scenes from Falcon‘s latest release Tahoe: Snowbound that haven’t been released on the studio’s membership site but we wanted to get our review up anyway. Tahoe: Snowbound, directed by Tony Dimarco and featuring a cast of Falcon A-Team exclusives and a variety of hot co-stars, mostly studio porn newbies, is quite a hefty release: it has SIX new scenes and three bonus scenes culled from the studio archives. With this movie the “Tahoe” series cements itself as a valid successor to the studio’s classic “Other Side of Aspen”. And this is due in no small part to director Tony Dimarco.

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As we have mentioned on several occasions before Tony Dimarco consistently does a very good job of capturing the Falcon studio brand while updating it for the current era, AND he finds the happy medium between all-sex productions and story-driven porn. The “Tahoe” series is perfectly suited to his style and really he’s made the series his own.

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The premise of Tahoe: Snowbound is simple. A bunch of guys have gone on a winter trip to a “gorgeous house nestled in the snowy mountains” and have the run of it when they’re not outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Conveniently most of the guys are out and about but two random guys always seem to wind up alone in the house together to get it on with each other.

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In the first scene, which we reviewed several weeks ago, Scott Riley and Jimmy Durano were the first pair of buddies to get some alone time to suck and fuck. Jimmy uses his super-top prowess to fuck Scott in several positions and the scene gets more intense as it builds to a climax. Again, while Scott Riley has darker hair since he first appeared on the scene as a blond, he still is one of those fresh-faced performers who perfectly straddles the classic Falcon era and the modern age.

107520_KevinBlake_2504 copy

In the second scene Tony Dimarco provides another model with the Falcon look” and he’s very hot too. Kevin Blake (even his name evokes classic porn) makes his debut here as one of the guys who goes upstairs to rose Ryan Rose who has overslept. Ryan also has some noticeable morning wood and since everyone’s already gone out to have fun on the slopes, Kevin marks short work of kissing and sucking off Ryan–and does a fine job of it.

FVP259_SA_8867 copy

Well built and handsome with a great smile Kevin Blake makes a visually pleasing scene partner to Ryan Rose and together they present that era-straddling effect that we mentioned. Ryan goes to town rimming and fingering Kevin’s hot ass  before he flips him over to suck him off.  You’ll notice that the two have equally high energy levels here to make this all-oral scene more exciting. This may be the scene’s only drawback…it being all sucking and rimming.


FVP259_SA_9159 copy

Even though it IS all-oral, does feature and very noteworthy cum blast. Ryan Rose stands on the bed to get his rock hard cock finished off and what appears to be a combination of factors Ryan shoots what the scene summary accurately says are “geysers of cum” which wind up giving the eager Kevin Blake a facial  as well as some in his mouth. This appears to spur him to shoot a load too before they kiss.

107527_JasonStyles_3260 copy

The third scene features Dylan Knight and Jason Styles, who like Ryan Rose and Jordan Boss (appearing in another scene) are all Sean Cody alums. A very hot coincidence. In the scene Dylan is relaxing when Jason comes back from snowboarding into the cabin which is very toasty. Jason strips down to his thermals and as we know, guys with great bodies look even hotter with those form-fitting long underwear. Dylan notices it too and when Jason strips off his top to reveal his ripped muscular torso Dylan goes from his full crotch.



Dylan Knight‘s oral skills on Jason cock prompt Jason Styles to return the favor as Dylan sits on the edge of the kitchen island. Jason has a more daunting task as Dylan has big, thick cock. But he does the trick, his mouth roaming all over Dylan’s crotch and balls and underneath. As a result Dylan leans back, legs in the air to get rimmed. And while Jason has him in that position he moves to give Dylan a hard fucking. Dylan Knight has matured somewhat, growing hair on his chest but he still retains that youthful exuberance.



Jason Styles and Dylan flip roles but keep the position. There’s some naturally paced fucking that goes on here which given the environment and the tone of the movie is more preferable and closer to the to the Falcon style. Another thing we like is that director Dimarco has an eye for the best angles for these two. When Dylan Knight is fucking Jason Styles on his back the latter’s body looks picture perfect, arched and writhing as he gets the cum fucked out of him. Dylan follows up with his own load before they kiss and the two  guys LOOK satisfied.

107528_JordanBoss_1499 copy

The next all-oral scene features the aforementioned young muscle stud Jordan Boss and Falcon A-Teamer Sean Zevran whose perfectly sculpted physique is gracing three movies currently being shown online. One of the beauties of this is that Sean has a variety of looks from hairy to smooth and in between –and all looks great. The premise here is that Sean has to use the upstairs shower because the ones downstairs are taken. Wearing nothing but a towel he passes shirtless Jordan, bonering up his thermal bottoms. Sean grasps Jordan’s bulge and long story short, that shower doesn’t happen.


The area between the stair landing and the bathroom winds up providing the perfect size place for the two to engage in some very hot sex. From the moment that Jordan goes down on Sean, there’s a seemingly sensual and semi-romantic chemistry..it’s either real or great acting.  Jordan has to do some might throat-relaxing to take Sean’s cock and he does, with a very satisfied look on his face. They share another kiss before embarking on more oral action.



Sean Zevran IS an all-oral dream performer since his doesn’t just have a suck-worthy cock, he has an amazing muscular bubble butt. Jordan Boss leans him up against stair railing and later bends him over to feast on his ass and reach around to jerk his cock. If there was a way to cum strictly from rimming Jordan looks like he’s trying to attempt it. Sean eventually gets on his knees and sucks Jordan to the edge
before the stud pulls out and shoots over Sean’s chest. On his knees Sean jacks off too but his money shot isn’t as dramatic. Satisfying? Oh yes.

107397_AndreaSuarez_3783 copy

The fifth scene features more kitchen flip-fuck action between two beauties:  Andrea Suarez and new exclusive JJ Knight. It’s morning an Andrea comes down for coffee and once again sexy thermal underwear provides the visual stimulation. Who know, maybe this Tahoe two-parter results in increased sales for this hot item. JJ Knight is riveted by Andrea’s ass AND crotch as the thermals leave little to the imagination. And when they kiss though it’s JJ’s impressive meat that gets the first attention.Believably Andrea works his way up to it and gets it down his throat.FVP259_SC_9502


That counter again comes in handy for the scene as Andrea Suarez sits on it to get his blowjob. Although the kitchen flip-flop scenario transpired in a scene before this it doesn’t happen in the same way. Yes, JJ Knight rims Andrea but the sexy Spaniard is bent over , his body position in a graceful fashion. And after getting rimmed Adrea is fucked in almost the same athletically graceful position, one leg up . the other down.



JJ Knight is a hard fucker and that seems to suit Andrea just fine as he’s fucked from behind and on his back. Andrea Suarez also gets his turn to fuck JJ “with Andrea’s uncut meat stuffing JJ’s ass.” It IS fun to see inherent tops with big cocks get fucked too. And it does allow these guys to show they can be good in both positions. JJ finally makes Andrea cum while on his back and then he gets on hs knees fpr a hot facial. Although JJ Knight had filmed a scene previous to this one, we can certainly see why this might be the clincher for Falcon to sign him as av exclusive.

107528_JordanBoss_1444 copy

Jordan Boss gets to show his sexual prowess again in the final scene–which might be considered a follow-up to his scene with Sean Zevran. Sean Cody fans already know Jordan has “it”. Stepping out of the shower wearing a towel Jordan is noticeably hard, and Jacob Peterson sees this–as well as his pumped muscle bod. It doesn’t take long before Jacob strips naked, Jordan drops his towel and is getting his cock sucked.. flexing his abs as it happens.



Jacob Peterson is one of those well-built stars who looks hot from every angle and he almost shows every angle here. He gets on all fours on the bed after sucking Jordan and gets his shapely ass rimmed and played with. Jordan also sucks his uncut cock from behind before he fucks him. On his back Jacob gets sucked off and fucked and Jordan Boss gives it to him in a manner suggested by his last name. He fucks a nice load out of Jacob before letting loose with a long distance load of his own.



As we mentioned the Tahoe: Snowbound DVD has three bonus scenes selected by Tony Dimarco. The first is from the 1985 flick The Other Side Of Aspen II, a three-way with Tony Bravo, Kurt Marshall & Giorgio Canal. This is over 30 years old and it still holds up! The second bonus scene with Johnny Hanson & Cort Stevens comes from 1995’s The Other Side Of Aspen III: Snowbound. The same movie provides the other bonus scene, a three-way with Kevin Dean, Carl Erik & Rick Drake.

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