Titan Men: Rough Trade Finale & The Grabbys

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As we catch up with reviews and the Grabby Awards results we do both here in this post spotlighting Titan Men. It was a big week for the studio, releasing the last scene from its leather/fetish flick Rough Trade, hosting the Rough Trade Grabbys party, and of course the awards themselves…of which the studio several…just not as many as we thought they should.

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We start off with the Grabby Awards and Titan Men‘s wins. Best Supporting Actor went to Tex Davidson for his role as the investigative reporter in Cauke For President. Hottest Flip (the first time for this category) went to Dirk Caber and Dallas Steele for their hot, hot scene in Blue Collar Ballers. Dallas also won the Manly Man award. All well-deserved honors but Jasun Mark, the man behind Titan Men‘s resurgence, should have been recognized too.


Last week Titan Men actually had two hot scenes: the aforementioned Rough Trade finale and a VERY hot scene from modern classic Trespass (details below). This finale puts this movie into the “fetish extreme” category as it features water sports and fisting. Continuing from the previous scene Adam Ramzi is in the restroom fantasizing as he pees into the urinal and he viewer is transported into sexual daydream, . He’s there with Nick Prescott, Dirk Caber and Dolan Wolfe surrounding David Benjamin as he still lies in the sling. And he is literally drenched with piss and spit. Not for the faint-hearted.


And then Dolan Wolf takes his place for even more raunch. The sexy performer who looks like he leaped out of a Tom of Finland drawing gets sucked and manhandled as he mouth is stuffed with cock and his hole is worked over every way it can by Nick Prescott and David Benjamin (Dirk has already left the scene). As Titan Men describes the scene: “David feeds Dolan as Nick fingers the bottom, the two taking turns fisting him.” There’s lots of clear gooey lube here reminiscent of Alien and with David and  Nick assault his ass with their black gloved hands it does look like Dolan is getting an alien probing.


There’s more which involves Dolan getting pissed on and both guys working relentlessly on his hole, sometimes at the same time. Although this is for true fisting fans listening to Dolan Wolfe‘s deep growls an groans should be a turn-on for many viewers. And it is mixed with some fucking..sort of. When David Benjamin pulls out his arm it’s replaced with a HUGE strap on work by Nick Prescott. David goes back to fisting Dolan in with both hands in tandem. And Nick uses the dildo again before fisting him and making him cum. Again mostly for fistin fans but it may convert a few viewers.

It all wraps up with a return to Dallas Steele on top of the pool table fantasizing as he uses a dildo on himself. And as he jerks out a load we’re still left pondering which sex was a fantasy in the mind of the characters and which ones they were. Leaving things in a obtuse fashion gives the surreal Rough Trade the proper wrap-up.

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Lastly as we mentioned  Titan Men also released a very hot scene from Bruce Cam’s Trespass with Dred Scott and Patrick Knight. Dred is an escaped convict on the run in the countryside, finding his way into land when the ranchers are all a very horny bunch, doing it with each other and the convict.

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In this scene Dred runs into the rancher whose clothes he stole and their physical confrontation quickly turns to some heated sex in which smooth, lean-muscled and uniquely tattooed stud Dred Scott owns hairy chested muscle man Patrick Knight.


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The online re-release of the hardcore director’s edit of Trespass is a really big deal with extra hardcore bonus scenes and behind-the-scenes footage.  All available for viewing and downloading as a Titan Men member.


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