Cocky Boys Daily: Another Big Grabbys Weekend

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From all the events during CockyCon 2016 to the Grabbys Awards it was a big and busy weekend for Cocky Boys. And as expected there were tons of pics and videos shot by the studio and its friends and fans during all the events. We’ll re-post the best in the days ahead including the “official” ones and press release from Cocky Boys but for now we’re just re-capping the Grabbys as they pertain to the studio.

Cocky Boys took home 5 Grabbys this year, all well-deserved and pretty spread out at different levels: production, performances and overall achievement. Considering how big a force Cocky Boys is in the porn biz these days, it’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago it was just one of many websites trying to break through. A true success story. Here’s a mini-recap of the awards:

Tayte Hanson for Best Versatile Performer.  Last year’s Best Newcomer (the third year in a row for a CockyBoys performer) Tayte really IS a consistently versatile performer and actor. As he has done before, Tayte gave a wonderful speech right from the heart.

Levi Karter for Performer of the Year. Fans know how far Levi has come since he first appeared just a few years ago and how he has grown into star and integral part of Cocky Boys in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Levi also joins an elite group of stars who won as Best Newcomer and Performer of the Year. How elite? In the history of the Grabby Awards (almost 25 years) only Aiden Shaw, Bryan Kidd, Matthew Rush, Steve Cruz, Samuel Colt, and now Levi Karter have won both.

Levi Karter, Ricky Roman, and Tayte Hanson for Best Group Scene from Meeting Liam. This was a nomination we just had a feeling just HAD to win. Meeting Liam wasn’t just an atmospheric supernatural thriller. It had intense sex as this scene demonstrated. This was a VERY important award as it was Ricky’s first and a long overdue honor.

RJ Sebastian for Best Still Photographer. Another long overdue honor. This category is so laden with talent year after year and it’s great that the Grabbys recognized RJ’s stunning visual style. His videography has been awarded before so now he’s won both visual awards.

Cocky Boys for Best Video Company Site. This wasn’t just a well-deserved award, it was well-earned. Benny Morecock really transformed the site into one of the best. A perfect vehicle and showcase for all the incomparable releases from this great studio.

More Grabbys/CockyCon stuff to follow


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