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As you’ll recall Ricky Roman, Will Wikle and Tayte Hanson were in Providence, Rhode Island last weekend for Providence Pride and appeared in person at EGO for the Pride Finale party. While we posted some pics a few days ago there have some others that have popped up for us to share with you. You’ll see the sexy trio here along with others we mentioned before AND a couple of surprises…

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Here are the guys shopping for outfits for Pride…


King Tayte!


Tayte & Ricky. Painted up by Cara Bello. The pic below shows the guys with her in a collage from her Instagram



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The Titantic Trio…and that’s Ricky and Will (above, right and below) with former Cocky Boys star  Bravo Delta who was also one of the stars appearing at EGO.



Yes, Jae Roze and Kris Karr were also in attendance at EGO.


Will Wikle with Bravo Delta and Rikk York (who appeared in Cocky BoysOne Erection part 1)who was also a special guest. That’s Rikk below with the Titanic Trio.


RI pride

Be sure and check out the Twitter pages of all the guys for videos and other pics not posted here…

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  1. Christopher Michael says:

    I cannot believe I sat out this past Pride celebrations in Providence. OMG …. so much fun to
    have these stunning stars here looking like they were having a ball. And Ricky Roman looking so amazing with that moustache…. woof. Great job to the planners and volunteers for RI Pride. And great pictures on this posting.

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