Colby Keller Comes To…HBO!


On September 16 HBO will premiere its new series High Maintenance and porn fans can look forward to seeing a very hot guest star: Colby Keller! The six-episodes series is about a Brooklyn pot dealer who “makes cameo appearances in the lives of various New Yorker City residents, providing them with weed and getting a glimpse at their daily routines and how they light things up.” Ben Sinclair, as the pot dealer, is one of the co-producers and writers.  Colby’s role will be that of Sebastian, a recovering meth addict, and his scene promises full frontal nudity and…..


Colby tweeted some pics and says “So my first HBO appearance will look similarly close to my first Sean_Cody appearance.” TV writer Damian Holbrook also posted that “Well, based on the first episode of HBO’s ‘High Maintenance’, Colby Keller may be the only porn star who can actually act and still be hot AF.” Of course porn fans already knew THAT a long time ago.


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  1. john says:

    the link above is to “Queer me now” which security warns from visiting that site. Even the gays are allowing malicious activities that affect their own community.

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