In November 2016 Part 1


As November unfolds at there are at least four new series, familiar faces making their site debuts, and the studio exclusives getting lots of screen time. And like last month, hasn’t yet revealed the full line-up of scenes for these first two weeks of the month…although we can surmise what some scenes are until the preview trailers are released.


The month started off with a Marc MacNamara stand-alone scene “Test Run” featuring Tobias and sexy hairy daddy Damon Andros in his debut. It’s a very nice departure from the usual Str8ToGay scenes in that there’s not some gay character turning a straight guy or seducing him. Rather it’s a more sex positive tale of a married man, newly divorced and finally able to explore his attraction to other guys. Damon is the straight man who meets Tobias while jogging and gets his chance to be with another guy.


The twist of a younger guy patiently helping and semi-training an older guy in the ways of gay sex  works here mostly because of Damon Andros. He’s an experienced performer but convincingly plays it slightly awkward, discovering the pleasure of sex. Tobias, who has only been in porn for a little more than a year, appears happy and excited to make Damon’s “first time” memorable ..and bottoms for the hairy stud. could stand to do a few more of these type of relatable scenes.


Also just launched is Then And Now, a time-spanning new series telling the tale of a special night between friends than has ramifications 20 years later. Part 1 takes place “then” when Noah Jones takes his buddy Dylan Bridges (in his debut) to a concert and afterward crash at Noah’s house (the parents are away of course).


Dylan also has a little crush on Noah but he’s a little uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed. And when Noah, in a matter of fact manner, starts jerking off next to Dylan the relatively shy ginger makes his move, showing “gratitude” by giving his buddy a blowjob. Noah is fine with it and winds up fucking Dylan in a night to remember.


Part 2 takes place some time later (2o years?) when Dylan Bridges has grown up to look like Dennis West and is at a crossroad. He’s about to finalize his divorce from Leo Fuentes and at the end they decide to have a farewell fuck before splitting.


Part 2 reunites the two buddies from part 1: Dennis West and Evan Marco (in his debut) playing the older version of Noah Jones. The guys go to see the band that that they saw 20 years before and afterward try to rekindle the feelings they had for each other years before. Now, as then, the grown up Dennis gets fucked by Evan. Coincidentally these two guys  are Sean Cody alumni but didn’t appear at the sane time. So this scene is a kind of “what if” scenario.


Also just launched is My Boyfriend’s Ex with Charlie Pattinson is the title role as a former beau of  Roman Todd who returns to town and complicates Roman’s relationship with boyfriend Paul Canon . Charlie comes to LA for a job interview and stays with Roman and Paul, who is none too pleased. Although Roman says he and Charlie are just friends, Paul is jealous over the attention Charlie gets eve though the young man may only be in town a few days.After Charlie arrives Roman tries to put Paul’s insecurities to rest in bed. They suck and fuck with Paul Canon topping Roman Todd (a rare occurrence for tough guy Roman) in a relatively passionate and hot scene. And everything seems just fine and peaceful at the end.


Of course everything is NOT okay in part 2 of My Boyfriend’s Ex. Paul Canon is a tad obsessed with Charlie Pattinson and has taken to spying on him. He’s almost caught looking in on his bedroom activity but sneaks away before Charlie beds Lucky Daniels in another of the latter’s recent video comebacks.


In part 3 (the finale?) of  My Boyfriend’s Ex it appears that Charlie Pattinson got his job and is about ready to leave (permanently?) but before he goes he blatantly comes on to his ex Roman Todd while Roman’s boyfriend Paul is at work. And so they get busy in bed with Roman Todd again bottoming. Is this the end and do Roman and Charlie get back together? Stay tuned…


Coming up is Group Home, a series about a boarding house/foster home for wayward young men. Group Home is described as a place where “five nasty boys work, live and fuck.” And of course we see plenty of that last activity from the start. In part 1 Zach Taylor (in his debut) arrives and is introduced to Noah Jones, Will Braun, Vadim Black, and Jack Hunter. And just as quickly he learns that Noah and Will “have no problem hooking up in front of their roommates. The roomies know the drill, and let the boys have the room to themselves for some hole-drilling. Noah wets his cock in Will’s eager mouth, priming him before he thrusts into Will’s ass.”


Zach Taylor also learns that being low in the hierarchy means he doesn’t get a bunk. But in part 2 Vadim Black invites him into his lower bunk, followed by fondling and sucking…in which Zach sucks off his benevolent roomie. Then…”Things continue to heat up, and soon after Vadim rim’s Zach’s tight hole he plunges his beautiful cock inside and fucks him from bunk-to-bunk.”


In part 3 Zach Taylor officially joins the elite group of misfits as they gather together, strip down naked and stand over him  in the middle of the night and wake him up. With a collection of hard cocks hovering over him Zach takes on each one of them before he sits on Jack Hunter‘s cock. At the same time, “Vadim Black plugs Will Braun’s eager hole. The guys take turns pounding each other until an explosive cumclusion over Zach’s willing face.”


Also coming up is an Marc MacNamara scene titled “Blind Part 2” even though there isn’t a part 1. There WAS a one-shot from 2014 titled “Blind” with Aaron Bruser and Johnny Rapid that bore no similarity. In this new video Diego Sans is pretty awful, going out one day wearing dark glasses and pretending to be blind. He carries on the charade in order to get the sympathies of  Trey Turner who helps him home. Trey uncovers the ruse  but is so attracted to Diego he decides to go  for a quickie with him.


The other new series starting up is Open Your Eyes which appears to be an anthology of pure nonsense. In part 1 Charlie Pattinson is enjoying his VR headset while his boyfriend Paul Canon naps beside him. With Carlie’s eyes covered horny roommate/buddy Bennett Anthony takes advantage and sucks off Charlie…who thinks he’s Paul. Charlie discovers the truth but lets Bennett continue and when Paul wakes up and freaks out they convince him to join in.


In the second story Rocke Rathburne (new to the site) thinks he’s getting a morning BJ from his wife when in fact it’s Jordan Boss m his hand over Rocke’s eyes. And of course the wife wakes up and both she and Rocke freaks out. Even though Rocke is fairly innocent in the matter, she leaves and Jordan Boss convinces Rovker to let him finish…and bottom for the straight guy. Rocke isn’t new to porn having recently appeared as David Rathburne and as Ronin at Chaos Men.


Lastly there are two more stand alone scenes in the mix within the next couple weeks. “Sidewalk Pickup” is just that. Will Braun is seemingly minding his own business when Brandon Blake (in his debut) propositions him.  Will sees an opportunity and names his price …to which Brandon agrees. So, Will gets to fuck and makes some money. A good day!


And, in the timely “Hacker” Leo Fuentes is in the title role causing chaos on the internet. Agent Darin Silvers tracks him down and is about to take him in for questioning but Leo makes him an sexual offer that apparently has more value than whatever Darin  gets out of taking in the cyber-criminal. Who knew!

Coming up: more on the scenes not listed yet including another chapter of the Star Trek parody

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