In November 2016 Part 2


In this brief update on new and upcoming releases at, we fill in the blanks from our first post on November releases. As we mentioned last time the site left out some preview trailers and since the they’ve posted them …with a few surprises. For one thing, has serialized the 2013 documentary I’m A Pornstar from Charlie David, posted as a series of  BTS (Behind The Scenes) videos. BUT, the most unexpected item is the lack of a part 2 from Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody . The delay on the release of episodes could mean anything so we’ll hold off speculating for now.


I’m A Pornstar is broken up into 14 parts and as you’ll see it heavily features models, mostly those who were exclusive and have since moved on. The first two parts are a relatively brief overview of the history of gay porn from a 1920 French shot film through 40s, 50s, & 60s to the boom in the 1970s and the rise of the gay adult movie theaters, into 1980s and the home video market and mass produced studio porn and into the 1990s and beyond and the rise of  the “pornstar” persona. Of course one could go into greater detail on the history of porn but this is a prelude to the “pornstar” subjects interviewed in the documentary.


In the subsequent episodes I’m A Pornstar interviews and profiles Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Rocco Reed, and Brent Everett. In the midst of these chapters the documentary delves into the motivation for doing porn, the making of porn itself, stigmas and misconceptions, acting, testing, personal lives during and after porn, and more. It includes input from directors, sex therapists, production personnel, etc. There are also cameos of familiar porn performers too. Broken up into the episodes makes it a little disjointed so it;s advisable to watch it in one sitting.

tt-whore is also running new episodes of Peepers, the anthology series about voyeurs who get lucky. In pat 5 Aspen (who was the object of desire from a peeper in a previous episode) is a window washer who goes gaga when he sees Leo Fuentes undressing. Leo actually is into being watched and after teasing Aspen he gets him to suck his cock through the window…before inviting him all the way in and bottoming for him.


Coming up in part 6 of Peepers there’s a variation on the theme. Butler/valet Brad Banks happens to spy on rentboy Luke Adams taking money out of his boss’ wallet. When the boss accuses Brad of taking the money Luke steps up to confess….and gives him a blowjob as a way of paying him back. It turns out the butler is more to Luke’s liking and he bottoms for the muscle stud.


Lastly there’s a stand alone scene “Two Timing Whore” with Roman Todd, Diego Sans, and Leo Fuentes. It’s a sordid triangle with Roman jealous and angry when he learns his ex Diego is sleeping with his best friend Leo, the “two timer” in the title of the video. Angry intense sucking and fucking result with Leo getting it at both ends.


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