Cocky Boys Daily: Fleshjack-O-Rama!


There’s a lot going on these days with Cocky Boys and Fleshjack and all of it is exciting! At a special event this week the studio premiered its line-up of new toys featuring Fleshjack Boys models Liam Riley, Boomer Banks, & Levi Karter. This coming week Boomer’s signature line will be released. AND also this past week, Fleshjack and  Cocky Boys were working on “top secret” photo-shoot with some surprise models!


Let’s start with this week’s event, the Cocky Boys Fleshjack launch party that was held at LeBain on the rooftop of the Standard in NYC! As you can see quite a few CockyBoys were in attendance besides two of the three Fleshjack Boys models Boomer Banks, & Levi Karter. Carter Dane, Ricky Roman, and Kris Karr were present as were Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian, writer and CockyBoys super-fan Susan Lee.

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Free Fleshjack & Cocky Boys goodies were given away (that’s what’s in Levi’s bag below) and guest got a chance to see the finished products.



AND, Boomer Banks Fleshjack was unveiled! Boomer’s signature collection officially goes on sale Monday November 14 ad we’ll show off some of the collection when we get pics. BUT, below you can see totally unrehearsed, candid photos of reaction to the new Boomer dildo…




Levi is talented! As Jake tweeted “TOMORROW you now can ‘FEEL THE BOOM’ when the official CockyBoysToys lovingly molded by go on Sale!


Talk about accuracy! ^^^^^^


And, as we mentioned at the top Cocky Boys and Fleshjack has a three-day,  “top secret” photoshoot project . Details are coming but for now we can sow you the pics with the three pairs of very hot men: Ricky Roman & Topher Dimaggio (above), Levi Karter and Carter Dane (below), and Boomer Banks & Tegan Zayne (bottom).  Stay tuned for more!



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