New Faces For November 2016 Part 3


This week our spotlight on newcomers is a little different because it includes a couple updates, a few of which reminding us that making assumptions and predictions  can often be proven incorrect. So, when you take a look at some of the new guys this week don’t be surprised if they wind up returning and/or doing things unexpectedly.


Louis at Sean Cody. It’s hard to tell anything about this very fit and reasonably pleasant guy simply because his interview is pointedly short. What we do know is that Louis’ little is that he had sex in the backseat of his friend’s car , while said friend was driving. And according to Louis, “He had no idea…” It seems a little far-fetched and the details are sorely lacking. Was Louis getting a blowjob? Giving one? Was he fucking? Getting fucked? So for now Louis’ sexuality remains a question mark.



Ryan at Corbin Fisher. Consider this a “sequel” to last week’s debut of CF newcomer Rick.  You might recall cocky and confident Rick bragged about his sexual prowess which included “being caught face fucking his girlfriend by his roommate!”. Well, this week we meet that roommate Ryan. It turns out that he’s a hottie too. A very muscular guy with the same kind of cocky confidence…perhaps even more so! He is less serious and really likes showing off his bodybuilder physique. Many models need a little coaxing in that regard…not Ryan.


Ryan says “Yes, sir!” a lot and we find out why: He spent three years in the navy. He goes into detail on his tattoos (which have special meaning) and his physique training and as we mentioned shows off the results with a small demo of  the posing routine he used in bodybuilding competition. He claims girls like it ..among other things. Like his roommate Ryan seems to have an active sex life but is a bit more discreet about his so-called conquests. So, will Ryan be a surprise along the way. AND, will Corbin Fisher put these two roommates in a scene together? Stay tuned…


As we mentioned there’s an an update on one of the recent newbies. It’s Kevin the carpenter who was introduced at Corbin Fisher in October and had a straight scene in addition to his solo. REALLY hot body. We  got a straight vibe from him and didn’t sound interested in exploring.  Neither did CF! Interviewer Harper did though, sensing chemistry between them. As it turns out he was right and a few days ago Kevin had his first gay scene…with Harper. In fact according to CF “Not only did Kevin agree to give guy on guy a shot – he was psyched when I told him we had Harper in mind!”


The actual scene is quite hot and Kevin seems to show very little hesitation at kissing and thoroughly fucking his new friend  Harper. CF goes so far as to say that “Kevin is completely enthralled by everything happening. He jerks off Harper while he plows into him until he cums – loving the sensation, visuals, and the sounds his partner makes!”  Kevin may b=turn out to be the biggest surprise we’ve seen at Corbin Fisher in a long time.


Toby Jacobs at Chaos Men. This week the site has the year’s second holiday marathon of daily updates with the week-long “Extra Giblets & Butt-Stuffing” extravaganza. It starts off with the debut of super-hot Toby Jacobs who definitely earns the description “hot daddy”. He’s 46 and thought he might be too old for porn but site owner Bryan knows that with “so many passive bottoms that really like mature types, I knew I wanted to get him in.”


Toby really seems to know himself very well as a completely versatile gay man who gives it his all. When he’s a top he’s a total top. When he’s a bottom, same thing. Surprisingly he didn’t think he had a good enough body for porn…but of course he does and a hot cock. He’s definitely not camera-shy, getting extra turned on when the cameras roll. According to Bryan, “This Daddy has great energy, and next week we will see him get Edged by none other than Vander.”


In another Chaos Men update Mika returned to get a surprise model: Teo!  From 2008 -2010 this shaggy haired young man was a CM regular. He came back in late 2011 for another run of scenes through 2012. He returned for one scene a year ago (looking quite different with short hair) and is back again…with shaggy hair again! Will he stick around for more? Stay tuned…

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