In November Part 4

2-bfe‘s November line-up included one more surprise for Thanksgiving Day: the launch of new mini-series The Boyfriend Experience from director Marc MacNamara! In spite of a mildly confusing set-up (is it an anthology or a continuing series), this opening scene features a red-hot three way with Connor Maguire, Brenner Bolton, and in his debut super-sexy Jordan Levine. Simply stated this talented trio bring it.


The Boyfriend Experience is titled after and based on a variation on the sex worker-client relationship. The Wikipedia definition says it’s “a sexual encounter in which both the escort and the client are willing to engage in reciprocal sexual pleasure and some degree of emotional intimacy.  It’s the idea of an “indoor prostitute” who “provides a type of interaction that involves conversation, affection and mutual sexual pleasure”. In the straight world it’s called the “Girl Friend Experience” (GFE) and whether the client is a woman or man, “If the sex worker is male, the service is called the boyfriend experience”


As for the plot, that’s where things are a mite confusing. Connor Maguire and Brenner Bolton are friends/classmates (grad students?) in some prestigious (and expensive) NYC college. Brenner gets by financially as a sex worker in the “Boyfriend Experience” business model and has a place to stay thanks to his main client. Brenner’s friend, the woman who gets him clients, apparently has her eye on Connor to do some sex work , but he turns down the offer. Later, when the wealthy client asks Brenne to leave because his family is returning, he shows up at Connor’s door asking to stay until he finds a new client.



There isn’t much of a wait because sometime later Connor Maguire comes home to find Brenner Bolton in his room sucking the cock of new client Jordan Levine…who signals Connor to join in. Although Connor had turned down Brenner earlier he’s not hesitant at all at joining in. Jordan and Brenner undress him and suck his cock but before long it’s Brenner Bolton who is the center of attention: sucking both guys, getting spit-roasted and tag teamed big time.



The scene is wildly hot, vocal an verbal, with Jordan Levine pretty much in control in this department. Connor Maguire is as hot as ever, pretty much as uninhibited as ever, kissing, sucking and fucking. But for pure, all-out sex piggery Brenner Bolton takes the prize getting fucked every which way and loving it all and winding up cumming all over himself and getting a dooble-facial from his scene co-stars. So will  Connor’s character now a become a sex worker too? Stay tuned…




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