In December 2016 Part 1


What does have on its menu in December? During the first two weeks you’ll find quite a variety. There’s the continuation and conclusion of the psychological sci-fi sex thriller series Ex_Machina: A Gay XXX Parody which launches tomorrow.  There’s another new mini-series about sexy robbers on the lam and featuring two site newcomers. There’s a holiday offering that’s both mini-series and parody. And there are several one-shots. And, like the past couple months the line-up for the next two weeks is incomplete with more info yet to come.


We start off with Ex_Machina: A Gay XXX Parody, a four-part series which launches with the first two parts released on consecutive days (November 30 and December 1) and parts 3 and 4 released released one and two weeks later respectively. It’s a take-off on the 2015 thriller Ex Machina which was released in the UK but got limited distribution in the US. So American viewers probably know little about it. BUT, its available for FREE viewing for Amazon Prime members.  We’re telling you this because after you watch the original this will make more sense and you’ll see the studio adapted it for gay porn rather well.



As we reported before Griffin Barrows is a computer programmer who gets a great opportunity to work with his boss, reclusive computer genius Jessy Ares at his remote estate. And the nature of Griffin’s job is the testing of Mr Ares’ advanced robotics. That’s basically the premise of the original movie.



Of course Ex_Machina: A Gay XXX Parody detours, taking off on the original movie’s homoerotic undertones of the first meeting between the two men. And indeed the explosively hot sex scene between Jessy and Griffin is important to the story.


In part 2 Griffin Barrows gets his first look at Jessy Ares‘ advanced technology: very life like gay robots. Jessy asks Griffin to observe, via a hidden camera, two of his androids Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci and critique their performances and their interaction (sexual mostly) and their realism compared to humankind.  You could also look at the scene as a commentary on “gay4pay” performers. And, by the way, unbeknownst to Grffin, Jessy is observing him through a hidden camera too!


In part 3  Jessy Ares begins the next phase of his experiments: interaction between robot and human. He sends Sunny Colucci into Griffin Barrows’ room and lets them go at it. Another great pairing with Griffin again showing his talents as a dynamic performer. What isn’t clear in the trailer though is if Griffin knows he’s being observed.


In part 4 (the finale?) like the movie Griffin Barrows delves more into the inner workings of  the facility and also meets the most lifelike sex-bot of the bunch played by Ken Rodeo. He’s somewhat of a renegade, showing a free will and interest in interacting with humans. And of course Ken and Griffin so “interact”…under the watchful eye of Jessy Ares. And by the way if you’re watching the similarly-themed Westworld on HBO, doesn’t that look ripe for parody?


Also new in December is On The Run a series about two guys commit a robbery and hit the road. The guys are played by Trevor Long (in his second scene) and in his debut Jacob Peterson. Of course their successful heist is also an aphrodisiac so while they’re on the lam in the desert they fuck in the back of their truck.


In part 2  Jake Ashford, after being questioned by police, calls his buddies Trevor Long and Jacob Peterson and tells the the cops are to them. While formulating a plan Jake meets up with the guys, supposedly without being followed, at their location in the middle of the desert. And, naturally a hot, outdoor three-way follows. What next for the gay Bonnie & Clyde?  The cops? A Thelma & Louise type of finale? Stay tuned.


As you can pretty well guess Ghosts of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody is a  gay porn update on A Christmas Carol with Jordan Levine starring as the modern day Scrooge who gets visited by ghosts from his Christmas past, present, and future. In part 1 he’s awakened by Scott Riley in the updated Jacob Marley character. Instead of ragged clothes and chains Scott is in the prime of youth. As Jordan notes he hasn’t aged a day. Scott tells him of his upcoming ghostly visitations and then they fuck.  Apparently in this version of the afterlife ghosts aren’t immaterial phantoms.


In part 2 Jordan Levine gets visited by a ghost from his not so-distant past: Wesley Woods. Jordan doesn’t recognize him, which according to Wesley is part of Jordan’s problem: according to the apparition (illusion?) their tryst just happened.  Wesley had been a member of the flight crew who ad sex with Jordan in the airplane bathroom. So they do it again with Jordan power-fucking Wesley in the bedroom. Red-hot scene. So, look for more on the series which looks like it will wrap up on..Christmas Day.


The first of three stand-alone scenes in this group “Returning To Where It Happened” stars Luke Adams and Vadim Black as two college buddies whose relationship changed when they got t on before break. Luke tells straight Vadim that it’s cool and they don’t have to talk about what happened. BUT in a switch on the premise, it’s Vadim who wants to pick things up again….and they do.


“Complete” is a relatively traditional scene from the sensual/romantic Gods of Men line. This time it’s Paul Canon and Arad Winwin as the loving couple who greet the morning with affection gestures and hot sex…all in the space of a wingback chair.


And in “Working the Case” Chris Harder in a lawyer working on some case that involves Travis James….who appears to be clueless and/or a hindrance to the job. As annoyed as he is by Travis they nonetheless Chris’ character gets it on with him and the chemistry between them is quite good.

Coming up we have more on the upcoming chapters of the mini-series mentioned here plus info on the other releases not mentioned in this group. AND…what else does December hold in store?

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