American Muscle Hunks: Johnny V Flexes & Joey D Tops


This week do a little catching up on American Muscle Hunks with a double spotlight on Johnny V‘s flex ‘n’ cum solo from last week and this week’s scene featuring Joey D muscling down Troy Accola. The two scenes both have elements of muscle worship and theyr’e both simple but highly effective and hot.


 You’ve probably seen quite a few Facebook and Instagram videos of guys showing off their gym workouts…but you won’t see them with the same outcome of Johnny V ‘s workout video. You’ll se Johnny put himself through a good, vigorous workout and then strip off his shirt to show his pumped up results. So far, the same as other videos in this vein. And then….


Johnny V goes home and hed to the bathroom where he strips off his shirt and flexes again i the mirror. BUT… “As he’s flexing, a mystery hand comes out and begins caressing him all over his ripped, muscle body. This turns Johnny on so much that he pulls out his big, thick cock and strokes until he blows a giant load.” The mystery hand undoubtedly belongs to the cameramam, right? OR…Check out the preview here.


And by the way Johnny V knows how to do some real,classic posing. You might recall  that Johnny dd actually compete in bodybuilding shows. Now he’s putting o different shows for a much wider audience…


Earlier in November American Muscle Hunks introduced sexy newbie Troy Accola who showed lots of emthusism and eagerness to come back to put his growing body into another scene. We also noted that Joey D seemed ready to be the one. That comes to pass this week as “Joey D has the pleasure of playing with this hunk.”


The scene has the guys kissing right away and Troy Accola stripping off clothes as the young hunk plays with, licks, worships and turns on Joey D. And just as Joey has certain g-spots (his pits and nipples) he finds common ground with Troy as he sucks his nipples and brings him to closed-eyed ecstasy. And then…


“Troy presents his perfect bubble ass to Joey. Joey teases it and eats it until he forces Troy to get on his knees and worship his meat. Joey then pounds Troy from behind, pinning him down and not letting up on his tight hole. Then, Joey fucks the cum out of Troy and blows his own load all over Troy’s cum-soaked cock and abs.” It’s a super hot video wort waiting for. Check out the preview here.


It’s always so hot to see how Joey D commands a scene, not just with his overall size but with his presence. It’s a combination of his physicality, his deep voice, his disarming smile and the way he interacts with his scene partners. Irresistible force.

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