Alex Mecum At Men On Edge!


Good news, Alex Mecum fans! Christmas comes a little early this week with the release of his Men on Edge scene at Kink Men! It was filmed around the same time as his Kink Men debut in a Bound Gods scene with Christian Wilde but apparently the studio decided to stagger the releases. It’s all good for the reasons we mentioned…it’s an early holiday treat now.



In the scene Alex Mecum is at the mercy of two very skilled fetish stars: Sebastian Keys and Tyler Rush. The scene starts off so calmly with Sebastian, Tyler and Alex chatting in a matter-of-fact manner as Alex strips off his shirt and Sebastian begins to tie him up methodically, carefully making sure the rope accentuates his full, hairy pecs. Yes, there is an art to rope-tying as Van Darkholme made us aware along time ago. And the lighting and cinematography make it all even hotter.



Alex Mecum is put on top of a box and is slowly stripped down and at first he’s gently manhandled in order to get him hard…which doesn’t take long at all. The guys put him through the gamut of edging techniques which include (from what we saw in the previews) gear like blindfolds, clamps, vibrating hitachi, a “dick on a stick”, a vibrating ass toy and action like sucking groping, tickling and more.



Given Alex’s muscular beauty and picturesque cock the scene almost requires two guys. While not as rough ‘n’ tumble as the first scene Kink Men released, Alex’s fans will undoubtedly appreciate the exquisite torture he’s put through….



“Gorgeous, muscular and covered in beautiful hair, Alex Mecum is a sight to behold as he’s bound in ropes, blindfolded and edged to the limit! He writhes in frustration and ecstasy as his massive cock is sucked, stroked and gripped while his nipples are tightly pinched in clamps and his balls are teased with the hitachi.



“Next Alex is strapped down to the pool table with his gorgeous furry ass high up in the air as he receives a nice hard fucking with the dick on a stick, his balls bouncing as his hard cock is stroked mercilessly. Finally, after being tied to the bed and tickled, with his feet worshiped and a vibe shoved deep into his ass, Alex blows his huge load all over himself and then falls prey to another onslaught of tickling!”



As we mentioned last time Alex Mecum looks so wholesome that you might not necessarily think of him in a fetish/kink concept. And that contrast may give the scene a little extra excitement. Whatever the case we like that Alex’s interests and talents are varied enabling him to take on a variety of roles and genres.


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