In December 2016 Part 2‘s December 2016 line-up continues to take shape as the studio fills in some of the blanks left out of our first spotlight on the month’s releases. So in this relatively short update we take a look at the these filled in slots: two just-released scenes, am upcoming new series, and a stand-alone scene. Plus there’s the return of hot young star back in porn AND back at after more than three years.

The first stand-alone scene of the month was another Marc MacNamara video featuring exclusive Diego Sans who we’ve noted has become Marc’s go-to guy. In “Speed Dating”  Diego is a busy man and so uses one of his dating apps to maximize his infrequent free time. He sets up a date with TWO guys: Brandon Evans and Ashton McKay. Diego likes both guys and wants to get to know both of them at the same time. After reluctance on the part of Brandon they spend the day together. The problem is that Diego hasn’t made up his mind…so invites them both up to his apartment.

Director Marc MacNamara and Diego Sans work well together because it seems they’re on the same page in terms of presenting a sex scene that’s dynamic and different than average suck ‘n’ fuck scenes.  The three way with Ashton McKay, Brandon Evans and Diego has intensity and a fair degree of passion in various sex positions.  Basically Brandon is spit- roasted by his scene partners and it’s all the more ironic because his character was the one who was’t into Diego’s “speed dating” scheme.

In the premiere Ghosts of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody (a take-off on A Christma Carol)  Jordan Levine plays a workaholic who works through the holiday barely finding time between flights and meeting with a client to stop by his parents home. BUT, they’ve left for a vacation figuring he wouldn’t show up ….apparently a pattern with Jordan. Ao, alone for Christmas goes to his old room.

After Jordan dozes off looking at a photo of Scott Riley, The blond stud himself appears having not aged a day. That’s because he’s Jordan’s “Ghost of Christas Past”,  an old flane whose heart was broken Jordan left after graduation without even a goodbye. Scott explains he’s the first of three visitors Jordan will be getting to help the friendless and joyless man turn his life around. AND in spite of being a illusion Scott is a very tangible sex partner. BUT, after their hot fuck  (they make a great pair) Scott disappears!

As we mentioned last time Wesley Woods stars in part 2 of Ghosts of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody …but not as a ghost of the past as we thought. Instead Wesley represents the present: a guy Jordan Levine had a hook-up on board his plane. As for the ghost of Christmas Future it might very well be Colby Keller who had a cameo in part one as an old friend that Jordan runs into at the airport. Stay tuned…

Just released is “Sometime Bottom” with Adam Bryant as a guy in a relationship who has only bottomed once before but he didn’t like it and wants to do it again for his partner.So he hires a “professional” Topher Dimaggio to come to his Atlanta hotel room and train him to be a bottom. Topher goes slow but eventually does his job and fucks the cum out of Adam…and gives his muscular body a coating of Topher jizz.

In the new anthology Take The Bait guys with sexual crushes on their supposedly straight buds and gets them into bed with the help of a girl as bait. In part 1 Jacob Durham returns to porn looking REALLY good, built and short-haired, as the guy who sets up a three-way with Aspen. The girl “bait” excuses herself and Jacob “offers” to help Aspen get used to having a guy suck his cock. The thing is the girl isn’t returning and Aspen likes the feeling so much he can’t hold off  waiting for her and fucks Jacob.

In part 2 Brandon Evans has the hots for Adam Bryant and the girl he asks to play along insists that she’ll do the three-way…but after she sees Brandon and Adam do it. Adam is hesitant but after she leaves (as pre-arranged by Brandon) Adam agrees to try it out. ” Brandon coaxes Adam to strip and get into bed with him. Soon enough Adam’s cock is down Brandon’s throat, primed to the max for a vigorous round of butt fucking.”

Lastly, there’s “Bro Code” which is a list of rules that Tobias has for prospective new housemate Vadim Black. Vadim agrees but soon finds out that the last rule, “whatever happens here, stays here” includes sex with Tobias. Apparently the house is too good to pass up with this little caveat so after getting sucked off by Tobas, Vadim reciprocates abd fucks his new roomie.

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