American Muscle Hunks: Jackson Grant & Johnny V!

Hunky and hairy Jackson Grant returns to American Muscle Hunks this week for a hot scene with Johnny V! It’s the first scene in which Jackson gets paired with one of the AMH owners (his debut was with Griffin Barrows) and they make it worth waiting for.

In the scene summary American Muscle Hunks says Jackson is “ready to pound Johnny V into oblivion with his huge meat.” And that’s not hyperbole! From what we saw in the preview Jackson is a relentless fucker and that seems to be just fine with Johnny. But before they get to that point there’s lots of making out in the bedroom situated in the high rise hotel room/apartment (?) ..with the dramatic skyline of Chicago visible in the window.

Let’s just say that if Jackson Grant is relentless it’s possibly because Johnny V gets this mode going with some hungry cocksucking. Jackson returns  the favor by rimming Johnny on all fours and “Jackson teases Johnny with sticking his cock inside him.”

As we’ve seen before Johnny V is a vocal dynamo so when he “pleads for Jackson’s meat” Jackson Grant doesn’t have to wonder if this is for show. He gives to to Johny really hard and Johnny exclaims even louder. After fucking him doggy style Jackson flips him on his back where they’re really connected. Jackson bends in and kisses Johnny at one point ad then fucks the cum out of him.

Rather than pulling out and jacking off to a climax Jackson Grant winds up on his back, intensely jerking his big cock and every muscle in his body flexed to perfection….as Johnny V licks his nipples, the final trigger to Jackson’s cumming. This is the kind of porn we like..where the top and bottom work together to help the other one cum with great satisfaction. Hot.

Coming up, will American Muscle Hunks do another two-part year-in-review?  If so they may have to make a longer-than-usual video compilation.  They’ve got some great stuff to put in there…

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