Tom Of Finland Movie Trailer!

Early next year the Finnish movie about the life of renowned gay erotic artist Tom Of Finland finally will be released and the full trailer (mostly in Finnish) has been released! You might recall that a teaser was released over three years ago (The Tom Of Finland Movie Teaser!) when the movie was really in the early stages of production. As you’ll see the biopic covers much artist’s groundbreaking journey. And  yes, there’s an “international” trailer still coming out with subtitles. Here’s the movie’s description translated to English (with a little editing on our part trying to make a little more sense of the problems on Finnish to English translation)

“Tom of Finland film is a beautiful and emotional description of the Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen journey to international success. In the film, he returns home after serving his country during WWII. In peacetime Finland gay sexuality is illegal and many have to hide their love relationships. Touko longed to find a way of escape in the visual arts. He begins to draw a muscular, free and uninhibited, leather garbed gay men. His art as Tom of Finland took him to Berlin and Los Angeles where his books and art are not only very popular but also timeless and inspiring symbols and a part of the revolution for the rights of sexual minorities.”

The film stars Pekka Strang, Jessica Grabowski and Lauri Tilkanen.

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