In December 2016 Part 3

There are both expected and unexpected scenes coming from as the studio wraps up the year. There’s the anticipated Christmas scene and more episodes of various series which have already started, but there’s also a surprise finale, a hot site newcomer, and more appearances of newly free-lanced former exclusives from other studios. AND, there are still some upcoming releases yet to be revealed…

This week releases the finale of On The Run, the saga of two studly robbers Jacob Peterson and the so-called mastermind Trevor Long whose escape is neither well-plannned nor successful. Originally planning to escape to Canada the guys are hiding out in the desert on the way to Mexico. Nevertheless they have time for sex with each other and their buddy Jake Ashford who has met up with them after being questioned by police and released…but followed. And he believes he was was able to give the slip to the two plain clothes policemen Arad Winwin and Paul Canon.

In part 2 the cops show up at the motel where Arad Winwin runs into Jacob Peterson. But guess what the cops are not too competent either since they don’t have full descriptions of the fugitives (according to the scene description). Jacob denies being on the the guys and comes on to Arad and when Paul Canon shows up he’s seduced too. An orgy ensues which includes Trevor Long and Jake Ashford.  Do the guys continue to fool the cops and escape? Stay tuned…

Also this week Ghosts of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody continues with Jordan Levine as the “Scrooge” learning a lesson on Christmas Eve. Actually this modern day tale is only loosely based on A Christmas Carol . In parts 1 and 2 we saw him visited by his own personal “ghosts”: Christmas Past lover Scott Riley, who Jordan dumped; and Wesley Woods, the Christmas Present figure who Jordan just had sex with on the plane…but has already forgotten.

In part 3 Jordan Levine is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future, Dennis West who apparently is his work-obsessed boss or a workaholic business associate. Of course sex ensues but we don’t necessarily learn from the trailer what lesson Jordan learns from his third sexual encounter.

On Christmas Day releases the Ghosts of Christmas: A Gay XXX Parody finale. It takes place on Christms Day after Jordan Levine has spent a night facing his foibles and apparently learning his lesson. When Colby Keller shows up at the door (in case you missed it Colby is an old acquaintance who Jordan ran into in episode 1) Jordan professes his love for him and they have a Christmas fuck. Spoiler alert: Jordan tops Colby.

In the Take The Bait anthology guys seduce their supposedly straight buds by setting up three-ways with girls who, as pre-arranged wind up backing out, leaving the straight guy so horned up he turns to his pal. But in part 3 Topher Dimaggio and Austin Carter BOTH have the same idea. The two girl compare notes and leave the two alone to suck and fuck. Now if only these two had talked beforehand they could have saved themselves all the trouble.

The surprise video of the group is the 5th chapter and finale of Ex Machina: A Gay XXX Parody a take off on the little known sci-fi thriller. And this finale diverges the most from the source material…which by the way has elements later explored by Westworld. The premise here is that computer programmer Griffin Barrows gets a chance to spend time with his genius boss Jessy Ares and evaluate Jessy’s ground-breaking technology: lifelike male robots….who apparently can think, feel, and have sexual desires.

After being seduced by Jessy Ares, Griffin Barrows views sexual interaction between two of the androids Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci and experiences sex with the Sunny-bot. And In part 4 (coming this week) another robot Ken Rodeo comes to Griffin for sex. In the finale Griffin confronts Jessy who tells him the “evaluation” is a success thanks to Griffin and to celebrate he invites him to join him in an orgy with the robots: Paddy, Sunny, and Ken.

Also coming up is the third episode of Marc MacNamara’s The Boyfriend Experience. In part 1 law student Connor Maguire learns that his classmate Brenner Bolton makes ends meet as a sex worker specializing in intimate, boyfriend-like encounters with his clients. After Brenner moves in Connor learns his secret and gets invited into a three-way with Jordan Levine. In the just released part 2 Connor has decided to become a sex worker too and Brenner helps ease the nervous stud into his new field with a “boyfriend experience” of his own.

In part 3 Dirk Caber is Connor Maguire‘s first client, a businessman with a wad of money and an eagerness to spend time with the ginger stud. From the trailer it appears Connor Maguire is quite successful at making Dirk Caber happy AND he enjoying the experience on his own. Money talks!

There are also some stand-alone scenes coming up starting with two Gods of Men videos. The first “A Change” is indeed a change of pace for this line of passionate, sensual scenes. Wesley Woods and Jacob Taylor (in his debut) are a couple whose love for each other oozes off the screen . And in bed it’s all passion and rock hard sex.

“Warmed” from Marc MacNamara arrives on Christmas Eve and features super-hot verbal and sensual sex with Diego Sans and Brandon Evans. With the reddish tones of the setting and the candles there’s a holiday feel to this in spite of a lack of Christmas decor. So, we’ll just say this takes place ON Christmas Eve.

The month AND the year wrap up with three consecutive days of stand-alone scenes. In “Hook Up Fail” Marc MacNamara presents Brenner Bolton and Tobias as  two buddies who strike out when using their hook-up apps BUT they turn out their apps are not needed when they turn to each other.

Tobias is quite a busy bee because the next day he’s a rugby player in”Rugby Boys”. Here his teammate Aspen injures his ankle so Tobias helps him home to take care of him. It turns out Aspen’s injury isn’t too bad and he uses the opportunity of being alone with longtime crush Tobias to make a play for him. After some resistance Tobias gives in and Aspen gets a hot fuck from his teammate.

AND, then there’s “Slut Friend” with Luke Adams is the title role of buddy to relatively quiet Dalton Briggs. As they hung out together Dalton comments on what a horn dog Luke who tells him he’s just jealous of what he can’t have. The low-key Dalton begs to differ and reveals his huge cock…which of course brings Luke around, sucking it and getting fucked by him. A hot pairing to end the year.

Coming up: more reviews and a look at the scenes missing from the roster.

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