New Faces For December 2016 Part 2

Websites don’t usually adhere to the adage of “saving the best for last” but towards year’s end there are some very hot guys appearing at several sites and we think at least one is may turn out to be one of next year’s early favorites. 

Arnie at Sean Cody.  SO…we know what this guys’s main interest is: bodybuilding. Abd he’s go a big body to build at 6’2″ and 230 lbs. Arnie is also at Sean Cody for “something exciting and new…step out of the bounds a bit!” What that means beyond a solo remains to be seen….

Arnie was a football player in school but didn’t continue with the sport. Instead he toned up and got into bodybuilding. He’s a friendly guy and seems very eager, almost giddy, to be on set jacking off twice. Once he gets into pleasuring himself he’s far more focused and serious to the point of being intense. We can think of one other Sean Cody guy who might be compatible: Jack. A muscle giant showdown!

Kip at Corbin Fisher.  Lately CF has been featuring some very handsome, professional model types and they have a new one in Kip. As the site says he’s the “epitome of the traditional All-American guy” complete with his “high school football star resume.” and Southern boy twang. AND, Kip already has a connection to Corbin Fisher. This 20 year old was high school buddies with Luke (Kip shares a “interesting” locker room story) who turned out to be a big surprise in terms of doing it all at the site. Will Kip follow in his footsteps?

For one thing Kip is more down-to-earth than he appears in his “model” photos. He’s not shy about his body which is really well-sculpted from daily workouts. And he’s quite candid about himself. As a horny college student he gets a lot of sex, including one regular who has a kinky side: she dresses up and they do roleplay.  Given his Luke connection and these little tidbits he’s likely back for much more. By the way, his body is great: perfectly proportionate, perfect bubble butt and a perfect cock.

Ron at Chaos Men. Another very handsome guy and site owner Bryan is mightily impressed. There are a couple caveats though. He’s supposedly straight AND may only do a “serviced” video…about which”had him concerned.” Bryan thought Ron might be bi but that’s not the case. And yet this straight guy gets hard really fast without watching porn on the side.

As for his cock, Bryan says it’s a very hot one and mentions a interesting, unexpected trend. “He said it was 7″ but I took one look at it and knew it had to be bigger. Lately, the guys have been underestimating their dick size, something any cruising app user would not be familiar with. Turns out it is over 7.5″ and it sure looks like it got longer during this stroke fest.” More to cum?

Lucas Garza at Gay Hoopla. GH may have a live one here and this week they’ll be showing him in his first hardcore scene, right after the release of his solo. Lucas Garza says he’s “extremely open-minded” and  “told us he’d thought about being with a guy before but hadn’t had the chance to act on it.” Hmmm… Open-minded may not be the right word.

In his upcoming scene he’s paired with hottie Forrest Marks who apparently does a good job easing him into his first time. It must have worked because after Forrest gave Lucas a blow job (“the best he’s ever had”?) Lucas fucked him hard and gave him a facial. AND “…he says he will be back for much more. Stay tuned…

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