In December 2016…Star Wars: The Force Awakens Parody!

The last few slots in‘s upcoming release schedule have been revealed and they include another Star Wars parody! This time the studio leaps ahead with a take-off on the recent sequel Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they’ve assembled a pretty amazing cast for it as you can see from the trailer above. On the site, for brevity’s sake, the 4 part series is listed as Star Wars : A Gay XXX Parody parts 5-8 (parts 1-4 was a take-off on the original 1977 Star Wars movie) but the credits say it’s The Force Awakens parody.

We’ll have more on this Star Wars : A Gay XXX Parody this weekend when part 1 is released or before if there are more promo pics released…

Like the first parody the version is loosely based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In part 1 (coming on Saturday December 17) on a desolate planet Po Dameron (Aspen) is captured by the movie’s villain Kylo Ren, played by super-hot Wesley Woods. Po has something that Kylo Ren wants and after he’s strip-searched by the storm troopers and they find nothing Kylo gets him alone. As the scene summary says “A ferocious fuck breaks out between these two enemies, each taking turns invading the other’s tight ass.”

In part 2 (December 23) back on the planet where Po was captured Rey (Griffin Barrows) retrieves the mysterious object (it looks like a cellphone) that Po left behind. Meanwhile the stormtrooper with a conscious Finn (Kaden Alexander) helps Po escape and Captain Phasma (Colby Keller), with the help of another stormtrooper (Jay Roberts)punishes him. BUT..”Stormtroopers get horny too, and Captain Phasma knows just how to relieve these horny soldiers to prevent them from rebelling: with a good old-fashion dicking. No hole is off limits for these disciplined Stormtroopers.”

In part 3 (December 27) Rey (Griffin Barrows) and Kylo Ren (Wesley Woods) battle it out in a light saber duel (the footage looks surprisingly well shot) and as in the movie Rey displays a strong use of the force against his adversary. Apparently the force attracts as well as repels because they wind up sucking and fucking too. And in the course of this hot match-up we learn that the Sith villain Kylo Ren is versatile!

On new Year’s Day 2017 Rey (Griffin Barrows) helps Finn (Kaden Alexander) escape and they return to the planet seen in part 1. Po Dameron (Aspen) also arrives and has a very affectionate reunion with Finn (wishful gay fans want to see this happen in the next movie version too.) Rey looks on, at first appearing a little jealous and joins for a three-way.

The other video on the roster for December 29 is a stand alone scene “Anytime, Anyplace” from director Marc MacNamara. Darin Silvers and Jake Ashford put on a hot show sucking and fucking in the scene which looks like it might have bee intended as a Gods Of Men video. Either way another Marc MacNamara video is always welcome for its intense sex from guys who bring it to their performances.

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