In January 2017 Part 1 will be started the new year off with a strong line-up as well as a few surprises. There are new series, some new faces and site newcomers, and some unexpected pairings.  Interestingly there are some similarities to our post from last year at this same juncture. Then as now the studio started off the year with a Star Wars parody, scenes from Marc MacNamara and some new top talent. So if January 2016 was a good indicator for the rest of the year then there’s much to look forward from in 2017As we mentioned last time the new year starts off with the finale to the parody of Star Wars: The Force Awakens so we pick up our preview with January 2 and beyond…

“A Place Of Yes” (directed by Marc MacNamara) finds NYer Paul Canon trying to please his girlfriend on her birthday by changing his perceived negative attitude and saying “yes” t0 matter what. He keeps to his word on the way to work, at work, and on the way home. And when he arrives home and helps out sexy neighbor Jacob Taylor who later comes on to him Paul Canon says yes one more time and gets fucked by the Cuban muscle man. This is probably one time his girlfriend might not be so opposed to his saying “no”.

The first new series of the year is Made You Look with Paddy O’Brian as a horny voyeur obsessed with his promiscuous roommate Dato Foland and watching his multiple sexcapades. In part 1 Paddy follows Dato to a sex club where he watches him fuck Ken Summers (in his debut. The twist is that Dato knows he’s being watched by Paddy and that brings out his exhibitionist side to put on a hot fuck show. The trailer for part 2 isn’t up yet but we assume it comes out a week later.

Coming up finally releases “Lies And Affairs” a one-shot scene shot well over a year ago featuring the pairing of Micah Brandt and Diesel Washington. You can tell it was filmed some time ago because Micah has packed on lots more muscle and the scene was tweeted about at the time. The premise is that Diesel breaks up with cheating boyfriend Trenton Ducati and Micah consoles his friend. Apparently mere consolation won’t do as Diesel needs more…and gets it as the two get it on with Micah bottoming for the power top.

What follows are the premiere episodes of FOUR mini-series that will play out in January. American Sex Story is the saga of a gay porn star, portrayed by Trevor Long. He’s a country boy who comes to Hollywood to make money to help out his family’s struggling farm. Trevor doesn’t have any trouble getting “discovered” as casting agent Gabriel D’Alessandro’ (in his debut) takes an instant like to him. So in a a twist on the casting couch story it’s the agent who gets fucked by the new star.

In part 2 Trevor Long has already been cast in his first production co-tarring Brenner Bolton. During the photo shoot Brenner notices the newbie is a a little nervous and tight and loosens him up..before their porn scene. In truth sex pig Brenner could probably loosen up any guy before a scene, so we’re not sure either guy had to do any acting for their hot sex scene.

Fuck Him Up is a really big deal because it features award-winner Tayte Hanson in his first non-Cocky Boys role…and the star of the series. In the story Tayte comes home to find his boyfriend Brent moved out and left Tayte pretty devastated…and angry. He then proceeds to go out and get revenge. In part 1 Tayte shows up at the door of Sunny Colucci (with whom Brent was in love) and acts on his own attraction to their neighbor (?) A flip-fuck scene ensues abd if you know Tayte’s work at Cocky Boys he gives it his all.

In part 2 Tayte Hanson goes to the place where his ex-Brent works and wangles his way into the office of executive Jay Roberts. Tayte uses his sexual prowess to seduce the businessman and get him all worked up. BUT before they go all the way Tayte gets Jay to fire Brent. And as promised Jay gets to fuck Tayte in the office. The revenge continues!

The new Marc MacNamara series Spies couldn’t be more timely if tried. Diego Sans and Jacob Peterson are Russian agents posing as a gay couple who infiltrate the FBI …looking for a mole in the Russian Intelligence section. In part 1 helpful neighbor Dirk Caber helps the couple move in and Jacob later seduces and bottoms for the muscle stud. Of course this encounter was planned because Dirk is also an FBI agent and Jacob and Diego are trying to find out what he knows.

In part 2 Diego Sans and Jacob Peterson do some investigating on Dirk only to learn he’s covered his tracks. But before they get back to work Diego is in need of sexual relief. AND since they’re already pretending to be a gay couple… Here the story arguably isn’t as interesting i seeing these two hot guys together. But we’re surprised it’s happening early in the storyline.

Soap Studs is a throwback to the soap operas that used to be as plentiful at night as they were during the day. Dennis West is no longer in control of his fashion house Salem Couture but plans to get his company back (“I know where the bodies are buried”). It involves getting muscle beauty Arad Winwin hired at the fashion house as a top model where he’ll infiltrate the company and seduce Dennis’ son-in-law. But first Dennis wants a fling with Arad to “make sure Arad has the goods.”

In part 2 we learn that there’s already some intrigue going on without Dennis West’s involvement. “Brenner Bolton has a devious plan to steal Noah Jones’ family wealth, and it begins with a quick lay.” Noah defies Brenner and tells him there’s no way he’ll get a hold of the money from his family…which apparently owns most of the town. But after Brenner gives Noah a slap worthy of a soap opera diva Noah comes around and fucks him…

There are also three more stand alone scenes coming up starting with Marc MacNamara’s “Reconnecting” featuring Jimmy Durano and Jackson Grant in his debut. The duo play former friends who had a falling out but on Jimmy’s birthday Jackson comes around with a gift and a wish to make amends. It’s actually more than that as Jackson surprises Jimmy with a confession of attraction and they act on it.

In “Sorry Sister” Brenner Bolton runs into his sister’s ex Dennis West on a jogging trail and they catch up. It turns out that Brenner had a crush on Dennis back in college and now that his sister is happily married he plans on getting it on with him. And it works, of course, when Dennis comes by for a drink and one thing leads to another.

And in the Gods of Men scene “Maybe A Match” Colby Keller and Jay Roberts prove to be totally compatible in an intensely hot flip fuck with sucking, rimming and multi-position action. No plot needed here!

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