Hot House’s Internal Specialists Finale

Hot House ends the year appropriately enough with the finale of Internal Specialists, its latest medical-themed sexcapade. And once again, as we’ve seen in several movies set in this fictional clinic, it’s all about sexual healing. This time though there are no patients and the clinic is closed for the day leaving medical assistants Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson with free rein in the empty facility.

Doctor Jimmy Durano (in a non-sex cameo) is done for the day and tells medical assistants Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson to clean up and prepare the clinic for the next day’s business. No surprise here that they don’t spend any time following doctor’s orders. And by the way they look at each other when the door closes it’s clear that they had planned on some after hours fun. Adam goes right up to Jacob and they kiss and make short work of stripping off their tops and playing with their muscled bods. By the way it isn’t until you see match-ups like these that you recall that Jacob is a tall man.

  After some more body play that seems more like a detour to what they really want, Jacob Peterson gets on his knees pulls down Adam’s pants and starts sucking his thick cock. That’s one of the hot things about Adam Bryant: he’s thick all over. Adam and Jacob stand and kiss some more before Adam turns him around, pulls down his pants and rims his tight ass as Jacob leans against the door bent over. Adam spends some time licking and teasing Jacob’s ass, prepping him for fucking.

 Jacob Peterson pretty much stays in the same bent over position as Adam Bryant fucks him hard…and that’s apparently the way Jacob likes it. While Adam has a determined look as he fucks, Jacob still has that sly smile and is just a bit more vocal. Adam isn’t really dominating Jacob or verbally controlling the action but he’s the one moving back to lie on the exam table subtly bringing Jacob along to sit on his cock and ride it.

 Adam and Jacob hit their groove in this position, both guys doing some give and take on the action. Adan thrusts into Jacob as Jacob rides him. And Jacob Peterson stays in this position until he jerks out a nice thick creamy load over Adam’s lower torso. Adam Bryant lies on his back to jerk off and as a good scene partner Jacob Peterson bends over between his legs to lick his backs and the root of his cock until Adam cums.

 It’s a very hot sequence made even hotter when Jacob sucks his sensitive cock, licks up Adam’s cum and kisses him. And his lips make their way down Adam’s muscular torso back to the tip of his cock before finishing up with one more kiss. And at this point Jacob Peterson has established HE is the one in control….as some bottoms often are with being “bossy”.

  Next week Hot House launches its newest movie Depths Of Focus and it looks like they’re starting things off with a welcome departure from the norm. The movie is set on a porn set  and in the first muscle-pumped scene photographer Austin Wolf has his way with the two performers: Gabriel Cross and Alexander Volkov. Did Falcon Studios Group photographer Kent Taylor  write the script?? Stay tuned…

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