New Faces For January 2017 Part 1

At the beginning of a new year there’s the hope that hot newcomers are a portent of things to come for their respective websites. Even if it doesn’t turn out that way sites are still going to debut guys of whom they think fans will want to see more. That’s the impression we get from the guys making their bow during these first couple days of January 2017.

Deacon at Sean Cody. There are so many reasons to LOVE  this new guy that if the site doesn’t sign him up to do a lot of scenes it will be a crime against gay porn.  Handsome, well-spoken Deacon is a real jock who plays sports and works out at the gym. Great abs and tremendously thick legs from his sports activities…mostly soccer. But really his body is flawless. Do not waste your time trying to find any flaws.

After taking into consideration what Sean Cody describes  his “Greek god” bod there’s more to up his potential . He’s gay and has a nice thick uncut cock and big balls. Although he started off as a total top it was had boyfriend who taught him how to bottom and appreciate it. “I would never limit myself in any facet of life.” Thanks, boyfriend!

The final test is Deacon’s solo. He looks great jerking off (he does play with his hole) with every muscle flexing and he moans and gets a little verbal. So, when SC says “He will definitely make a lot of guys very happy!” are they talking about fans or his future dates? Or both!

Noah at Corbin Fisher. Yet another in a string of well-built guys here. Noah is a senior in college and apparently “after four years of the regular college fun he’s looking for a new level of adventure.”  So he’s here, albeit a little nervous, to “commemorate this time in his life with something major.” Will that include gay scenes?

Noah is a slow cock stroker and along with that he’s a grower! He also flexes his body whenever Harper asks so he’ not shy! His escapades sound real (sex on a golf course with a girl) but we also get a gay vibe. Time will tell.

Easton at Chaos Men. This site is definitely starting out the year with a promising newbie. Site owner Bryan sure thinks so. “A couple times a year a new model arrives and I am totally blown away by their enthusiasm, sexual energy, and dirty boy vibe.” Easton has “it” …including a big cock on a relatively short body. AND, he’s a precummer as Bryan reported after a photo session and video.

Like Deacon, Easton is a fairly new bottom after spending most time topping . SO versatility is his game. Bryan adds, “I really have high hopes for Easton. He is super pleasant, not picky, just wants to have fun and hot sex. I think you will really want to follow this new guy on the site.”


AND, he will be back “for a Serviced video that gets a little crazy, and as of this writing, I already have him booked to come back. I hope you all are impressed with this guy’s energy as much as I am!” Oh yeah, he also likes older guys.

Joss and Nikita at Chaos Men also introduced two new guys at the end of the Holiday Marathon….actually just before New Years. But since Nikita probably won’t be back (he was too nervous to do more than a solo) we put him on the cusp. Cute Cuban Joss might be an exception though. He likes older women BUT “also seems a little bi-curious, and is not really thinking guy-on-guy stuff will be challenging. He is eager to give it all a try, so stay-tuned for his first attempt at sucking dick!”


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