Falcon’s Pitching Tents

 Pitching Tents, the last Falcon movie of the year for Falcon Studios Group caps off what we think was a really good year for the studio’s brand on its 45th Anniversary. It also marks a impressive year for director Tony Dimarco whose diverse work could be seen in all of the studio brands. In fact, following this review of Pitching Tents we have an overview of director Dimarco’s 2016 filmography which easily qualifies as “Best of” post.

The great outdoors has been favorite locale for Director Tony Dimarco in a number of his features and it’s easy to see. There’s a feeling of uninhibited freedom with sex scenes filmed in nature and as the director says in the press release for the movie, “There’s nothing like spontaneous sex outside, and that’s what ‘Pitching Tents’ is all about”. In fact there’s not a distinct plot or storyline here. But, for a what’s characterized as an all-sex movie there’s nice flow between scenes. And you could conceive your own plot from what is presented.

Falcon A-Team Exclusives Woody Fox, JJ Knight, Ryan Rose, and Jacob Peterson along with Seth Santoro, Jeremy Spreadums, and Casey Everett have descended on a campground on the Russian River and have basically taken it over in brazen sexual fashion. In the opening credits it’s Woody who symbolizes the rest of his horny cohorts walking down the wooded trail in broad daylight, taking off his clothes one item at a time until he’s strutting around proudly nude….as he should be with his hot bod.

Sometime later hiker Woody Fox comes upon a rustic outdoor shower where Seth Santoro is busy luxuriating as he washes himself. Woody sidles up next to him and they play a relatively coy game of cruising with half-hard cocks and sly smiles. Eventually they come together kissing and exchanging blowjobs in the relatively cramped space.

For all their quiet behavior leading up to the sex, the two let go verbally and in dynamic action when they get down to it. They simply look hot in action and give viewers a good show fucking, Seth cums while riding Woody who then gives him a facial in a loud and intense orgasm.And Seth Santoro intensifies it more by sucking Woody Fox‘s sensitive head.

 Seth Santoro has been busier of late and has. really stepped it up. But we like that he’s letting.his.body.hair grow out. As for Woody Fox, we’ve always loved his super-sexy natural look. Also we like watching guys get hard in front of our eyes. Glad to see them both back.

The action shifts to the river where the guys are playing in the water with rubber rafts and inner tubes. Jeremy Spreadums and JJ Knight go ashore where they strip off their wet clothes outside of their tents. Again, there’s an unspoken but clear attraction between them, brought to the surface with all their athletic fun. And Jeremy doesn’t wait for a formal invite…he practically less into JJ’s arms to kiss him passionately.

Just as quickly Jeremy is down on hid knees sucking JJ down to the base of his cock. JJ Knight clearly enjoys it but isn’t so comfortable having sex out in the open. So they go inside their over-sized tent (another element from previous outdoor productions)  where they pull the flap closed and climb on top of the bed to kiss passionately and Jeremy resumes his relentless cocksucking.

Jeremy Spreadums really looks great too with his muscular bod and bubble butt. This is where JJ Knight’s attention is drawn and he plays with, rims and fucks him good from behind. As a matter of fact Jeremy looks great from all angles and Tony Dimarco makes sure to capture them all as Jeremy rides JJ, then gets plowed on his back until he glazes his own abs. JJ Knight finishes him on with a very thick facial and cummy kiss.

Woody Fox (whose name is just made for a woodsy setting) continues his outdoor sex fest with another encounter .  This time it’s tall drink of water Jacob Peterson who he meets by the campfire (it’s still daytime). Jacob sucks off Woody and Woody does the same but adds some thorough rimming action.

This scene has the appearance of an all-oral scene but surprisingly Woody Fox replaces his mouth with his cock, plowing Jacob Peterson from behind. As with the previous scenes these guys really look good as they fuck. Jacob eventually moves to riding Woody’s cock , facing him and kissing him as the action grows more intense.

The fucking in the wild reaches its conclusion with Woody fucking Jacob on his back and making him cum. Woody then has another full body orgasm, looking almost victorious with his broad smile reflecting total sexual pleasure.

Meanwhile in another part of  the campground poor Casey Everett is having trouble pitching a tent (yes the double entendres are addressed here) and he he’s slightly annoyed by Ryan Rose and his know-it-all attitude. But Ryan does help out and gets hard in the process. The conflict between dissipates and soon the tent construction is put aside so Casey can suck Ryan.

If this was an all-oral movie you could call it “Relentless Cocksucking” because that’s what happens yet again here.  Casey Everett‘s mouth doesn’t quit until Ryan moves behind him and rims and. Fucks his hot bubble butt. Ryan Rose is also non stop plunging in and out of Casey as he straddles the picnic table.

There is a LOT of fucking here in numerous position. Casey goes from getting fucked from behind to riding Ryan in at least three positions before he’s on his back getting plowed. The cumshots actually feel a little anti-climactic visually although the tone certainly is not.

Guess who’s back hiking on the trail again looking for trouble? It’s Woody Fox who finds a tree, pulls down his shorts and strokes his cock waiting for so,done to come along. Fortunately Jeremy Spreadums is also out and about looking for sex and when he comes upon Woody he takes off his shirt and goes for the hard cock in front of him. This winds up being the all oral scene with lots of muscular beauty and hot sucking.

As it turns out Pitching Tents is a Woody Fox sextravaganza and he gets a long overdue showcase for his talent courtesy of Tony Dimarco. By the way, check out the credits and see who else contributed behind the scenes. Some names we’re surprised to see.

Lastly, there’s the bonus content: three scenes from the archives picked by the director for inclusion on the DVD. One of the things we appreciate about Tony Dimarco is that he’s always very good at choosing scenes that complement his features. You could argue he makes it easy for himself by making movies that fit the Falcon brand, just as his work with the Hot House and Raging Stallion fit those brands.

For the Pitching Tents DVD+ release Tony chose scenes from two features that apperar to have been shot at the same locale. From the 2010 feature Big Wood directed by  the late, great John Bruno there’s a very hot pairing of Aden Jaric and Steven Daigle. And from the 2007 Michael Brandon Raging Stallion/Monster Bang feature Trouser Trout there are two scenes: a daytime three way with 2 Tyler Saint, Luke Hass, and Dominic Sol; and nighttime campfire three-way with Dominic Sol, Antonio Biaggi and RJ Danvers. ALL hot scenes.

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