Cocky Boys: Arad Returns & Marco Montgomery Debuts!

Cocky Boys has started the new year off in a very promising direction with a new scene featuring super-sexy muscle stud Arad Winwin and the first appearance of newcomer Marco Montgomery! And because this IS Cocky Boys there’s more to this scene that a match-up of two sexy guys. It turns out to be a perfect pairing that reflects the sexual desires of both guys. You get to know something major about Marco right away AND you learn something new about Arad who had been a blank slate before coming to Cocky Boys

The scene opens with Arad Winwin and Marco Montgomery in an outdoor shower making out and right away Marco and Arad tell us the dynamic that’s going on behind the sensuality of the scenario. 19 year old Marco states unequivocally that he likes being dominated and controlled during the point of bondage! And he likes Arad because of this as well as being sexy. Arad actually likes guys younger and smaller than he is AND in his personal life he likes to be the “controller” and being with someone who likes to take orders. See? A good match!

Once you know these things about Arad and Marco you can see it in the way they interact in the shower. Marco goes down on Arad and sucks him off and he does you look at him as more subservient than you would without his introduction and voice over. The same thing with Arad who appears more forceful as he kisses Marco hard and plays with his ass before fucking him. And the way he fucks Marco like a sex toy might seem a little hard otherwise…but it’s just what Marco wants.

When the guys leave the shower to fuck by the pool, under the California sun the mix of sensuality and domination become even more of a contrast. Marco Montgomery positions himself on the lounge chair offering up his ass without even being told. We could point out to the lean and hungry lad that actually he’s exerting his own kind of control…and when he gets verbal he’s almost a body bottom….but why spoil the fun? Arad Winwin takes Marco, playing with his ass more, almost teasingly (HIS show of control) before fucking him hard.

This dynamic takes on a different look when Arad lies back on the lounge chair and Marco rides his cock. It’s a like more like a give and take with Marco Montgomery using his hole to piston fucks himself while Arad Winwin uses the bottom’s bod like a masturbation sex toy. Visually speaking this has some “wow” moments as their bodies are entwined. Marco arching his back against Arad’s powerful physique bringing them both closer to orgasm is but one of those moments.

Finally in a very intense climax Marco shoots his load almost in a full body orgasm. And he turns around and licks Arad’s balls as the muscle man shoots a load that just keeps going…covering his abs and hitting his chest. Frankly we can’t recall seeing Arad cum like this before coming to Cocky Boys. The same with Topher Dimaggio who is buddies with him. Could be Topher gave Arad some good tips. Dutiful Marco barely waits before licking Arad’s sensitive cock and kissing him. Nice finish to a new beginning for Cocky Boys.





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