Titan Men’s Demolition Begins!

Titan Men stars off the new year with the first scene from Demolition, the third movie in director Jasun Mark’s construction-themed “Renovation” series. In addition to returning characters from Blueprint and Say Uncle  the movie has a character crossover with Parole. AND, the movie features some of THE hottest performers around…including one of today’s big “it” guys Jason Vario! More on that in the weeks ahead.

In the first scene Eric Nero is back as Big D, the owner of the Big D Construction Company previously seen in Blueprint. The running gag in that movie and this one is that virtually everyone when they see Eric gets why he’s called Big D. And you certainly see it for yourself as he sits in an empty house stroking his huge cock while watching porn on his smartphone. Jasun Mark gives the real  “Big D” plenty of screen time.

Unfortunately for Eric Nero his Zen-like cock-stroking is interrupted by the arrival of architect Bruce Beckham also reprising his role from Blueprint. He’s also continuing his plans for the complete remodel of the home of unseen Dallas Steele. Eric has put away his cock when he lets in the architect and allows him to take a few ceremonious whacks at the walls with a sledgehammer as part of the total demolition of the property. And once again when Bruce steps back and checks out Eric’s bulging crotch he asks, “Is that why they call you Big D?” Eric admits it is the reason and asks if he wants to see it….and of course Bruce says yes.

Bruce Beckham gets on his knees as Eric Nero lets his monster cock flop out and Bruce goes quickly from marveling at it to sucking it down to the base. After gagging and gagging on his cock, Eric pulls Bruce to his feet to kiss him and push him back against a desk where he pulls down his slacks and lets out his python to suck on it. The guys are quite good and removing their shirts without breaking the momentum of their sexual fervor. And a good thing too. Their hot bods, especially Bruce’s bodybuilder physique deserves screentime too.

Eric Nero sucks Bruce Beckham rather lovingly and you can see by the direction of his gazes he’s into his body too. After rising to his feet for more kissing Eric is treated to another round of Bruce’s deep-throated cocksucking. As they meet again at their feet for more kissing Jasun Mark this time zooms in on their cocks, emphasizing what is clearly a lot of flesh in case you needed to be reminded.

At  this point the guys move toward the hardcore…but not in the way you might expect. It’s Bruce Beckham who bends over Eric Nero to bury his face in his shapely ass and rim him. Even if he didn’t have a huge cock Eric Nero has that indefinable “sex appeal”: his handsome face, great eyes, lean-muscled physique and a subtle form of charisma.  He’s also a hot, vocal. bottom as Bruce finds out when he moves from rimming to fucking him from behind.

When Bruce moves to fucking Eric on his back we get a much better look at Eric’s cock. And as they fuck and get all hot and sweaty Bruce periodically helps Eric as he strokes his cock. It gives Eric the opportunity to writhe, squirm and moan as he’s fucked deep.

Finally Eric Nero gets his chance to fuck muscle man Bruce Beckham and he wastes little time doing it. After bending him over Eric plunges his monster cock into Bruce fucking him hard and deep. You can tell taking Eric Nero is no snap but Bruce Beckham powers through and isn’t quiet about it. It’s easier for him as he lies on his back and gets fucked. And when he gets vocal again nearing his orgasm Eric gets vocal too like a cheerleader. A thick load spurts out and Eric tastes some before feeding Bruce and shooting a thick load too. With all this sex going on it’s no wonder this remodel is moving at a glacial pace!

In the weeks ahead Demolition continues at the work site. And a new company partners up with Big D Construction to get the job done: Big Ball Wrecking! Along the way landscape architect Adam Ramzi returns to suck off the wrecking company’s Jack Giles  and flip-fuck with plumber Dirk Caber, also returning from BlueprintLorenzo Flexx, back as the horny parolee trying to turn his life around (as seen in Parole) who can’t help but fuck around with Tex Davidson as the hard hat stud last seen in Say Uncle. And then there’s the duel of big cocks as the two companies join forces …represented by Jason Vario fucking Eric Nero. Stay tuned…

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