Next Door Studios Redux!

Next Door Studios has revamped its mega-site for 2017 by streamlining access and adding one more site, Next Door Raw to the mix. The site says on one of the top banners “The Guys NextDoor Have a New Home” but it’s really just a name change. The “Next Door World” name has been replaced by Next Door Studios, functioning the same way as a gateway to all the various “niche sites”. And Next Door Raw, the bareback site which was separate entity (sort of), is now part of the network no additional cost to subscribers. Basically, these changes take the confusion out of membership to one of porn’s biggest and longest existing mega-sites.

The addition of Next Door Raw to the mega-site is arguably the biggest change. When it was launched late in 2015 existing Next Door World members didn’t get access to it, BUT those who joined Next Door Raw got access to all the other Next Door sites …for a slightly higher rate. Fortunately all that has been scuttled with the new Next Door Studios gateway site. The history of  Next Door Studios from the rather modest Next Door Male site that launched in 2004 to a mega-site with 17 niche sites and nearly 4000 scenes today is a story within itself. The next chapter is unfolding now in 2017 and coming up we’ll take a look at what’s going on this month. Stay tuned…

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