Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum & Tegan Zayne!

Cocky Boys has another perfect pairing to help launch the new year! The new video stars Tegan Zayne and Alex Mecum, arguably two of the sweetest and sexiest porn performers who prove that being super-nice and super-sexual are not mutually exclusive.  And, as has happened so many times before with with exciting match-ups at Cocky Boys the scene exceeds expectations. It’s such a hot scene that Jake Jaxson adds this to the end of the scene summary:” I don’t think this will be the last time these two get it on!”

These scene shot at night at the Cocky Boys house starts off with a unexpected tutorial from Tegan Zayne on the fine art of cocksucking. And of course he uses Alex Mecum (as Tegan calls him the “legendary Alex Mecum”) to demonstrate. At once you get to see that Tegan Zayne is not a one-note person. He can jump right into sex or take it soft and sensual …building anticipation with his partners. It’s this latter approach that he uses with Alex Mecum as he lies back in the chair getting serviced.

As Tegan mentions the art of a good blowjob is pleasing the recipient and taking it slow with foreplay. And Alex Mecum IS pleased by Tegan Zayne and his “creative” approach. As he says it’s not just getting down to business it’s a loving tease , not unlike cock worship. And as you’ll see Tegan has mastered this not just for Alex but for us the viewer to revel in. Credit Alex too for helping make this tutorial into a hot show as he arches his back, flexes his muscles and gets verbal with Tegan.

Of course after his first “lesson” Alex Mecum shows Tegan Zayne what he’s learned. As Tegan stands there almost naked, his furry ripped body at Alex’s disposal he gets sensually sucked too. Because he’s been excited Alex’s technique is more “getting down to business” until Tegan lies back and Alex takes it slower. AND he adds his own touch. He rims Tegan and licks his ball and shaft. And when he’s primed Tegan enough he asks the million dollar question: “you want me to fuck you?”

If Tegan Zayne has mastered the art of cocksucking Alex Mecum has the degree in fucking. He too takes it slow and deep and you can tell from Tegan’s reaction that Alex is also following the unwritten rule to please the recipient first. They’re also perfectly positioned to gaze into each other’s eyes and bond even more with deep kissing. They also work together in almost perfect sync as the energy and intensity grow.

Tegan takes back some of the control when he rides Alex’s cock and moves up and down in slow and steady motion. There’s a little more position changing until Alex Mecum fucks Tegan Zayne on his back with renewed momentum. Alex makes Tegan cum and as you will hear this satisfies both of them…Tegan for cumming and Alex for getting him to shoot what’s a very camera-worthy shot..

Alex Mecum obviously loves the feel of Tegan’s hole around his cock because he keep[s pumping until he’s ready to blow. And he pulls out to shoot his load over Tegan’s torso. Of course there’s always room for more kissing and the guys don’t disappoint there either. It almost looks like they’re so lost in each other that they might have forgotten the cameras were on them. Simply wonderful. If you adore Tegan Zayne and Alex Mecum already you’re going to love them much more.

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