Hot House Premieres Depths Of Focus

This week Hot House takes viewers behind the scenes of a porn set in Depths of Focus …OR you can look it as director Nick Foxx taking you to a parallel universe and an alternate reality Hot House. Here in this world Austin Wolf is a HH photographer, Gabriel Cross is his assistant, Jordan Boss and Jacob Taylor are part of the crew and the only porn star is muscle stud Alexander Volkov making his Hot House debut like the alternate reality character he’s playing. Whatever the case it’s a great start to a movie.

Everything seems very calm and professional on the Hot House set as Depths of Focus …until production assistant Gabriel Cross brings out the subject of photographer Austin Wilde‘s photoshoot: Alexander Volkov dressed like a federal agent and his muscular body straining his clothes. Austin registers subtle pleasure at the sight of Alexander and the imminent pleasure of working with him. And Austin uses his authority to shoo out crew members Jordan Boss and Jacob Taylor who are practically slathering over Alexander.

Director Nick Foxx does a good job of pacing on this sequence, a kind of visual foreplay for the viewer building anticipation. Austin Wolf remains the consummate professional although he sneaks in an almost imperceptible grope as he adjusts the clothing of Alexander Volkov. And as he takes photos of Alexander Austin has his assistant Gabriel do the “hands on” work of helping adjust Alexander’s clothing, change outfits and stand by with atmospheric effects. Eventually Alexander winds up in a white jockstrap. And after a lengthy shoot comes to an end Alexander’s cock is practically ready to burst out.

At this point Austin Wolf drops the pretense of professionalism and goes up to Alexander Volkov and asks him “Did you enjoy that?” before moving in for some making out. Austin towers above him AND Gabriel Cross who Austin signals over to join in. They still keep things relatively low key but with increasing passion as kissing between two of them turns to three way kissing  and Alexander on his knees sucking Austin’s cock, then both cocks as the guys get almost completely naked.

Like all sex scenes there are three-ways that work and some that don’t. Here’s one that does for reasons beyond the obvious ones like the hot guys involved and their chemistry. Here it’s also in the way the action flows and the configurations of the three guys change almost effortlessly. At one point Gabriel Cross has bent down to kiss Alexander Volkov as he crouches down sucking Austin Wolf and Gabriel actually lies on the floor to suck his cock. Gabriel then stands up to kiss Austin as Alexander sucks them both and in one more pivot Austin has Gabriel on his knees sucking both guys as they kiss.

Another three-way standing kiss follows and we see the uniquely dominant side of Austin Wolf return. He’s not a vocal doom or a particularly rough one. He kisses Gabriel Cross after Gabriel dutifully sucks on his nipples but he uses his hands on his face and head as method of showing his alpha control. And as though he has told Gabriel what to do the shorter muscle stud grabs a stool to give the sex positioning a new direction. With Alexander Volkov bent over the stool he sucks Gabriel while Austin rims him…in his usual thorough manner.

With Gabriel filling his mouth and throat with thick cock then next logical step is Austin fucking Alexander from behind in perfect “spit-roasting” position.  Austin fucks him deep and hard but again the action doesn’t remain in this predictable fashion for long. Gabriel moves to make out with Alexander who rises up slightly to meet his kisses.

They change positions with Gabriel Cross takes hunched over the stool with Alexander Volkov fucking him AND Austin Wolf completing the fuck train by topping Alexander from behind. And guess what? They change things up again. After Alexander fucks Gabriel hard, Gabriel is balanced on his back on top of the stool with Alexander holding him steady. And Alexander, knowing one of Austin’s g-spots plays with the muscular giant’s nipples. By the way Gabriel Cross is such a perfect bottom …looking good as he gets fucked and just vocal enough.

And what do you think happens again?  Gabriel Cross gets swiveled around on top of the slick, sweaty stool and Alexander Volkov gets to fuck him. At the other end Austin Wolf kisses Gabriel and gives him a taste of cock but once again he uses his hands to hold his head and forcefully hold him by the neck as he jacks off an intense load. Gabriel gets up and Austin kicks aside as Gabriel sucks Alexander’s pecs.

Actually Alexander’s nipples get double-teamed with Gabriel sucking one nipple as Austin plays with the other. It takes very little time before they bring him to the edge. As he gets close Gabriel kneels to get a facial from Alexander. And in a “as long as you’re down there” moment Austin jacks off and gives him a facial too. It’s not a huge cum shot BUT it’s accentuated by Austin’s quaking, intense orgasmic style. And then there’s another final kiss. Of course this isn’t what really happens on a Hot House set..right?

Next week the aforementioned Jacob Taylor And Jordan Boss play around on the set!

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