Dominic Ford: Justin Sanders’ Massage

Dominic Ford ‘s introduction of hairy muscled exclusive Justin Sanders enters phase three this week with an erotic massage video.  Of course Dominic himself gets the honors of massaging him. As DF says, “Watch as I slowly go over every inch of his muscled body. I explore his hot chest, his quivering hole, and his thick cock until he cums a mountain of thick cum.”

There isn’t a preview video for this scene nor any pics that tells much of what goes on in the massage itself so the mystique of this very hot young man remains. Supposedly straight, he’s appeared in a workout/jack-off video and a solo in which he uses toys on himself. And by appearing in a massage video he’s able to extend his non-hardcore gay porn roll-out. That being said Dominic Ford and Justin Sanders have just about run out of options. At the very lease we expect a blowjob scene.

We do give Dominic Ford credit for keeping the momentum going of a weekly release schedule started later in 2016 and seemingly continuing into the new year. So hopefully that new schedule will include getting this next generation Zeb Atlas, Justin Sanders to do more.

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