American Muscle Hunks: New Year, Hot Hunks

American Muscle Hunks is starting off the new year off with a hot pair of returning stars: Chris Harder and Michael DelRay! Chris appeared last summer (with Joey D) and Michael’s appearance dates back to December of 2015 (with Johnny V) so we’re glad to see AMH bring them back AND pair them with each other. Let’s hope this turns into a year of more returns as well as newcomers. American Muscle Hunks  provides a great place for guys to show case their talents, this week being a prime example.

This is a very oral and tactile scene well before Chris Harder and Michael DelRay get to the fucking. There’s quite a bit of cocksucking that goes on between the guys and as American Muscle Hunks points out “Michael looks to devour Chris’ delicious and inviting ass so he bends him over and starts to eat.” Chris adds to the action by playing with his own hole begging to be fucked..

“With no hesitation, Michael begins pounding Chris as Chris mounts up to ride. Chris then gets fucked on his back and bent-over until Michael decides he needs to blow and places Chris back on his back. Michael fucks the load out of Chris and quickly rips his condom off to blow his own monster load all over. Check out the preview here.

Arguably one of THE busiest guys in erotic entertainment Chris Harder does porn and has gotten better and better at it. In addition his does his “boylesk” dancing revue, he does theater (including wildly hot parodies), he is appearing in Davey Wavey’s tantric erotic series, and more. We also like that more and more Chris Harder is embracing his furry body ..although he does keep some of his erotic regions too trimmed. The porn world owes Cocky Boys for introducing a number of future stars . Chris Harder is one of the more prominent examples.

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