In January 2017 Part 2

We follow up our first look at what’s coming in January 2017 at with a little update including info on a previously un-posted scene trailer and a mini-review of some of the scenes and series that came out since we first reported on them.

We start with the finale that started the year…Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody Part 8. As we mentioned before this second series is a take-off on the Star Wars:  The Force Awakens with the same characters, except for some “gender reassignment” for the purposes of gay porn action. Here, Rey (Griffin Barrows) rescues Finn (Kaden Alexander) from the clutches of the storm troopers and they escape back to the planet where they met. They’re reunited with Po (Aspen) and “celebrate” with a three-way.‘s have often parodies have been hit or miss but we think this Star Wars parody works..for several reasons. Fore one thing they’re not trying to be totally faithful to the story. For another they keep the dialog to a minimum. You can pretty well figure what’s going on and Griffin Barrows helps with his expressive face and eyes.  When they trio of characters are reunited on the surface of the planet (Finn) Kaden Alexander and (Po) Aspen are very happy to see each other and go off to consummate their lust. As Rey (Griffin) looks on you can see his sense of longing and lustful desire. So he joins in.

The three-way itself is very hot and vocal with Aspen fucking both guys and both he and Kaden fucking Griffin. We have to say this much for Aspen. He doesn’t look like he’s always into his scene partners nor does he always look like he’s having any fun. Not so here. And Griffin as we’ve said this before simply puts himself into his scenes, storylines and characters with effective acting ability. And without much dialog you can’t say that anyone here does a bad job acting. One last thing is that this scene inadvertently presents another what if situation, uniting Chaos Men alums again. So Griffin & Aspen were never paired at their former site and have yet to have a scene here..except for two group sex scenes.

After seeing the first episode of Made You Look it’s clear that both Paddy O’Brian and Dato Foland are sexual game players…with each other. Paddy is obsessed with roommate Dato’s sexual proclivities which sex include semi-public places and pretty much tossing the guys away. Paddy likes to watch without being noticed but in part 2 he learns, or at least assumes that Dato knows Paddy is watching him and that gets him off too while he’s fucking Ken Summers.

This week is part 2 of  Made You Look where Paddy’s suspicions are proven true. Dato Folamd brings home tall blond longhair stud Johan Kane to fuck him home and he actually invites Paddy O’Brian to move in closer…much closer. In fact Paddy is practically having a three-way with the guys. By the way Johan Kane made his debut last year at Men at Play and we though then he’d make a great Thor in a parody. Does his first appearance at make that a possibility?

We were correct in  assumptions we made about the about the plot of Spies after watching the trailer, but the full episode has some fun details that don’t show up in that trailer. It’s these kind of touches and quality direction that make Marc MacNamara such a standout. Jacob Peterson and Diego Sans are Russian spies who are given fake US  identities (married to each other), learn English and with training, lose their accents into order to infiltrate the FBI and uncover the mole working in their Russian espionage division. We also learn that Diego slips a little on his accent when at home and he’s not too pleased with Jacob when chastised by him.

In part 1 Jacob Peterson goes to their neighbor and suspected mole Dirk Caber and not-so subtly wangles a sex romp with him. He also confesses to Dirk his secret about being a spy and trying to get info on the Russian mole.In part 2 coming up we learn Diego Sans isn’t really faking on his feeling for Jacob Peterson and before they get back to work trying to get to Dirk’s well-kept secrets they fuck.

Soap Studs turns out to be a full-on soap opera parody, not unlike those big family Dallas/Dynasty night time soaps. Dennis West in the family patriarch who is about to lose his high fashion couture business to his ex-stepson’s takeover attempts. Dennis has been kept out of his work office and has to work out of home where he concocts a takeover of his own.

He hires model Arad Winwin to infiltrate the company, play dumb abd report back to him. And because Arad is just his sex-stepson’s type he knows Arad will get the gig. AND, Deniss promises that if he gets his business back  he WILL make Arad a superstar model. Oh yes, and Dennnis has sex with Arad. It’s an excitingly hot scene showing how much Arad Winwin has improved as a performer. Part 2 coming up features Brenner Bolton and Noah Jones arguing and fucking over a family fortune but we still don;t know which of the guys is the stepson mentioned in part 1.

Last, but definitely not least was the launch of new series Fuck Him Up starring Tayte Hanson in his first post-Cocky Boys exclusive role.-Of course we know from his many scenes there that Tayte isn’t just a beautiful young man physically. He can act and has that indefinable thing known as  screen presence. Here he comes home and finds his boyfriend has moved out with only a short, terse good-bye note left behind. Tayte is upset. angry, and confused and impulsively makes his first move in getting back at the unseen “Brent”.

In part 1 Tayte Hanson goes over to see Brent’s best friend Sunny Colucci to talk to him and find out if Brent left him for Sunny. In fact Sunny is supposedly unaware Brent had secret feelings for him …at least that’s what Tayte tells him. Tayte also confesses he’s attracted to Sunny too and since Brent is out of the picture…SO an intensely passionate flip-fuck scene ensues.

And we’re talking lots of flipping. The scene shows that Tayte Hanson fits in with the European production style which is in fact close to the Cocky Boys style. We’ll see what happens after this series if he does more for the studios. Coming up: Tayte goes to Brebnt’s work to get his life ruined there. Stay tuned…

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