Best of 2016: The Tony Dimarco Falcon Files Part 1

As promised one of our Best of 2016 posts is devoted to the body of work from Tony Dimarco, the award-winning director involved in at least a dozen of the Falcon Studios Group releases during the year. His work could be found in the top three lines from the mega-studio (Hot House, Falcon & Raging Stallion) showing his versatility and skill at adapting to the various studio brands and navigating between them while keeping his own style.

So, here’s a rundown with a mini-review of each of the Tony Dimarco movies released in 2016. Some of the movies we reviewed in full or by scene during the year so we’ve linked to those posts in this overview.

Stiff Sentence (Hot House).  Prison and porn have been bed mates before and Tony Dimarco and company put their spin on it here. Intense, but not brutal or without any humor the movie follows the interactions between guards and prisoners. You’ll find our full scene reviews here: part 1, part 2part 3, and part 4! Really a good cast and Dimarco connects the scenes through the cast and their hook-ups rather than a overriding plot. Of particular note here is the finale with Rocco Steele as the hardened con and Kyle Kash as the new guy.

Tahoe: Snowbound (Falcon Studios ) As we’ve seen Tony Dimarco is arguably the director whose style comes the closest to the classic Falcon brand: a plot with varying degrees of story and characters who interact throughout. As we said in Falcon’s Tahoe: Snowbound Review, it’s not as plot-driven as in the classic Other Side of Aspen series that the “Tahoe” series has basically replaced.  It’s all about a bunch of guys who rent out a cabin for fun on the slopes and in between recreational fun they have sexual fun.

Quite a new guys here really channel the classic Falcon model like Scott Riley, Kevin Blake, Ryan Rose, and Jason Styles. But there also those newer guys who are modern classics like JJ Knight, Jacob Peterson, Sean Zevran, and Dylan Knight. And as we’ve mentioned before Director Duimarco knows how to choose his bonus scenes…

Towel Off  (Hot House)Locker room cruising and sex gets a new spin, sometime using today’s technology as a tool.  For the most part there’s a game of sexual cat & mouse being played here among guys cruising and wanting to be cruised. The use of a fifi, a camera phone to record a sexual encounter, and someone using a selfie to grab a pic of the guy he’s after. Tony carefully builds anticipation here before the various pairings hook-up and that makes the encounters all the hotter (you’ll find the scene reviews here)

Drive Shaft (Raging Stallion). Proving that settings with motorcycles, muscle cars and/or mechanics is fertile ground for gay sex scenes Tony Dimarco brings together some of the hottest stars for terrific sex. Scene one has Sean Zevran and Tegan Zayne as two mechanics who take a break to fuck. Sean comes on to Tegan as he’s bent over working on an engine, but it’s implied Tegan might be a big tease.  Whatever the case Sean takes full control and Tegan eagerly sucks him and bottoms for him. Check out some of the camerawork here. Tony is great at directing your gaze.

In the second scene in Dick’s Garage it’s a slow day giving Ricky Decker alone time to jack off…until customer Johnny V walks in and catches him. It’s no problem as Johnny takes immediate control of the situation and helps out Ricky. As a vocal and kinetic bottom Johnny V virtually steals the show. In the third scene Bruno Bernal lends a hand to Boomer Banks as he work under a car. But help turns to eager sex..on Boomer’s terms. Boomer burns slow and likes sex to last and fortunately that brings Bruno to a less wild level..but still hot.

The finale of Drive Shaft is more involved than the other three scenes and we wish those earlier scenes had an establishing intro like this. Logan Moore is a bit of a rich prick who criticizes everything about mechanic Jimmy Durano’s work on this car. Jimmy snaps and turns the tables by making Logan subservient to him.  He make Logan suck his cock which Jimmy conveniently fucks him with. Jimmy doesn’t stop fucing him in every position until he gives Logan a facial and gets more cocksucking.

Between the Sheets (Falcon Studios). Who would think that returning to basics would be a refreshing change of pace?  That’s what happens when Tony Dimarco sends his match-ups into the bedroom for a variety of vignettes. He and his cast here suggest there’s greater intimacy in this setting with four passion-filled scenes. In the first scene Zander Cole gets hit on by his trainer Sean Zevran when he tells his client he can’t wear jeans to work out. Zander starts to change but that’s as far as they get before Sean comes on to him and winds up fucking him. There’s a lot of chemistry here and great sex…What could be better?

For the second scene there’s no set up other than Sebastian Kross hurriedly taking Andrea Suarez by the hand into the bedroom for some “can’t wait to get it on” sex. Given the decor we wouldn’t be surprised if this was filmed for another movie (the second half of Tahoe: Snowbound?). Nevertheless this sex here is hot, accentuated by Sebastian’s wonderful way of using his entire body in asexually graceful fashion. Scene 3 may also be a “Tahoe” possibility but you won’t care. It’s the beautiful, tall & hung duo of Jacob Peterson and Jack Hunter. Kissing sucking, and flip-fuck action…All with the kind of passion that suggests they’ve forgotten the camera is around.

The finale features JJ Knight and Kyle Kash as a couple reunited after some untold separation. And as such they can’t wait to get it on. Truly a potent match-up as it features an expressive pair: dynamic top Jj and super-bottom Kyle who really knows how to convey the physical pleasure of getting fucked…by JJ’s huge cock. Passionate and romantic but totally hard. Another one meant for a Tahoe movie? All just a guess but the end result of this compilation works very well.

Primal (Raging Stallion) . Co-directed by Steve Cruz and Tony Dimarco, this is pure Raging Stallion: rough ‘n’ tumble, passionate uninhibited sex. The beauty of these two talented directors is that we can’t tell whodid what here. EVERY scene is terrific and exciting and the guys cast are so sexy it hurts.

Cruising Grounds (Hot House). Previously reviewed scene by scene (you’ll find them here) Tony Dimarco brings viewers back to the warehouse setting from Gutter Punks which has become a heavy-duty, secretive hook-up location.  There’s an aura of danger as various couples look for trouble cruising at night. Among the brazen guys is Chris Bines who appears twice the second time for one of the best scenes: sex with cop Bruce Beckham.

Coming Up:  the rest of Tony Duimarco’s 2016 output…

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