Bel Ami: It’s Freshmen Month!!

Bel Ami has announced that this month 20 NEW models will be making their debuts…in 14 all-new scenes…designating January 2017 as “Freshmen Month”.  Throughout the month Bel Ami will be presenting these hot models who started at the studio’s companion site Freshmen and who, in the opinion of the studio,  “are now ready for their primetime debut at BelAmiOnline!” And though they have appeared at Freshmen these new scenes are not from that site…and the videos are exclusive to the main Bel Ami site.

So far Bel Ami has released two scenes featuring these new Freshmen models. One features Hungarian Danny Defoe in his Bel Ami debut co-starring with Gregg Meyjes in a “beach side fuckfest between the two sexy twinks.”. The other is known as “The first Freshmen on BelAmi” Nate Donaghy paired with Bastian Dufy. “This is the perfect scene to kick off FRESHMEN MONTH at BelAmiOnline!”

Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy:  “Today we officially start the hardcore part of January’s special ‘Freshmen on BelAmi’ where we get the opportunity to fully introduce the newest ‘generation’ of models properly. I can think of no better start than this scene with 2 guys that you have already met a couple times before, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy.

“I don’t know if it was Nate’s plan here to take so long getting ready that Bastian would lose the desire to go out for the evening, but it certainly had that effect and Nate gets what he wants…..”

We HAVE seen Bastian Dufy before and he does give off that new, fresh and almost innocent vibe. Maybe it’s because of his chest tattoo and sharp features Nate Donaghy comes off more experienced and harder-edged. And he is the top here in a mostly passion-filled scene. Another take-away? Bastian looks like a candidate for the next “Offensively Large” series.


BEACH TIME FUN with Danny Defoe & Gregg Meyjes. “It was in March last year when we last saw Gregg, but we’re happy that he is back today with our Hungarian freshman, Danny Defoe. We start off here with some fun on the beach before the boys head inside for some more private fun of their own. You can expect to see a lot more of Danny in the future, and we also have several more scenes with Gregg coming your way this year.”

There are some romantically-inclined intimate moments in the opening sequence with the guys on the beach and back at the beach house kissing. But it soon turns into a high energy suck’n’fuck fest.  These guys are very well-matched in terms of bodies and overall looks, the only drawback being they’re almost too hard to distinguish.

As for the Freshmen site itself , we’ll have the latest coming up.


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