Cocky Boys: Arad & Taylor’s Rainy Day Fun

As we’ve seen before inclement weather is NOT a deterrent for filming at Cocky Boys. In fact very often the studio uses weather to their advantage. About a week ago we saw Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian used the Nor’easter to film a dramatic sequence for the upcoming All Saints series. A few days ago we saw Justin Matthews and Calvin Banks snowbound in NYC and enjoying each other in a new scene. This week it’s Arad Winwin and Taylor Reign stuck inside on a rainy day in LA. Okay, it’s not like there’s a storm outside or there’s flooding, but really why would you want to go out when you had either one in your presence.

As it turns out Arad Winwin is a homebody who would prefer to stay in, cuddle and watch a movie. He says as much is his sultry and seductive accented deep-voice. Taylor Reign doesn’t exactly have the same idea, BUT Arad is his type, or so he believes: a muscle man who takes charge and pick him up and put him into any position he wants. At first it doesn’t sound like they’ll find common ground BUT as we see Arad and Taylor are BOTH horny and hard and ready to spend a hot time together on a cold and rainy afternoon.

Arad is actually on the bed with his cock out and stroking it while Taylor is by the balcony looking out with his hand down his pants. Apparently he really does want Arad to take charge and make the first move. Fortunately Taylor’s veiled come-in in the form of a quandary. ” I don’t know what to do today” is the trigger. Arad quietly motions over Taylor to join him on the bed.  Things start of is a semi-romantic way with Taylor Reign kissing Arad Winwin and playing with his muscles. And if you DO like a guy with smooth hard muscles you’ll like the way RJ Sebastian’s camera lovingly worships Arad’s body too.

As you might expect Taylor Reign kisses his way down Arad Winwin‘s muscular torso and sucks his cock all in a sensual romantic manner…pretty much the way Arad describes his idea of a rainy day afternoon. But there’s a perceptible change that occurs here and soon it’s Taylor who’s getting the manhandling type of afternoon HE was looking for.  Arad pushes Taylor’s head down to make him swallow his cock and he actually gives him verbal commands keep him going and work his mouth on his balls while he’s down there. Arad proves to be ambidextrous too with one hand on the back of Taylor’s head and the other playing with his ass. Taylor wanted this and he’s getting it!

By the way we’ve been impressed with Taylor’s body since his return to porn and you really see the work he’s put in on sculpting his muscles. He compares very favorably with and complements Arad and his muscle man bod.  And Arad sure looks good as he manipulates Taylor’s body and concentrates on his smooth ass. He fingers him, rims him and puts him in his lap like he already owns him. Even the way he nuzzles and kisses the back of Taylor’s neck while holding onto it has a tone of control. He also gives Taylor his fingers to suck on and gives him a firm spank to give US the message he’s in control before telling Taylor to sit on his face to have his ass eaten.

The romantically sensual has fully given way to the the intensely sexual with lots of heavy breathing. Arad doesn’t even have to tell Taylor to bend forward and suck his cock as they get into a 69 with Arad sucking and rimming Taylor. Taylor is so rock hard here you wonder if he ever gets fully soft. He stays at attention when Arad stands him up to play with his ass again and turns him around like his life size sex toy to ride his cock in a cowboy position. They work in perfect sync together. Here again you’ll see how impressive Taylor’s physique is and how limber he can be. Taylor Reign has a classic v-shape body as well as a tight and perfectly rounded and muscular ass.

Arad and Taylor kiss again before Taylor moving to a missionary position where they truly look bound together by their sexual attraction. And once again Arad has a way of manipulating Taylor’s body as he fucks him with subtle authority. And if you think this position is where these two wind up, think again. This is why we so often love Cocky Boys. A scene hardly ever proceeds in a typical or predictable way and this non-scripted, spontaneous feel makes a scene that much more exciting.

So where do Taylor and Arad proceed next? Taylor rides Arad in a reverse cowboy with Arad thrusting up inside him hard deep, and fast. And as the risk of being redundant we’re once again impressed with how Taylor Reign looks as he writhes and moves his body as he strokes, fucking himself on Arad’s cock. AND, with virtually every muscle tensed and flexed Taylor shoots explosively. This is a WOW moment but it gets even hotter because as Taylor is still cumming and stroking Arad Winwin pulls out and cums in an equally explosive fountain that mixes with Taylor’s to glaze the bottom’s ripped lower torso. Whatever the trigger was for these two it happened simultaneously and that’s ALWAYS hot to see. Taylor and Arad must know they accomplished something but they don’t show it ..they look too spent to express anything!

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