Titan Men’s Audition Finale!

This week exclusives Liam Knox and Jesse Jackman star in the conclusion of Titan Men‘s latest movie Audition and there are a couple of little plot twists….in addition to some intensely hot sex. While Audition isn’t the first movie to feature newcomer Liam Knox ultimately it serves as the first real showcase for this hot man and his natural talents. As Jesse Jackman says to him at the end of their scene “A star is born”.

In this story from Jesse Jackman, based on his own entry into porn, we’ve seen Kevin (Liam Knox) hook up with Dirk Caber who in turn invites him to the set of a Titan Men movie. Here he’s gotten a chance to show his stuff to director Jasun Mark and the guys on the set: Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum. Here in part 3 Kevin has been cast in a scene and goes to the home of his future co-star Jesse Jackman to get to know him. As it turns out Jesse recognizes him as the guy he had hooked up several years before. And as Liam Knox confesses it was an experience he treasured. So with that   back story there’s instant chemistry..and passionate kissing.

As he has shown before in previous scenes Liam Knox brings quite a bit of intensity to his scene..both in his acting and his raw sexuality. He makes a seemingly instant connection to Jesse Jackman and lets us see that he’s totally turned on by the hairy muscle man. He doesn’t say it in words …it’s more in his heaving breathing, the way his eyes take in Jesse’s physique (here and throughout the scene, and the way his hands move over his body.  Jesse is turned on too and says so, rightfully complimenting Liam on his body.

  Liam Knox goes down on Jesse Jackman and proceeds to give him what appears to be a VERY pleasurable blowjob. At least that’s how Jesse reacts with moans and groans and widening eyes. Jesse reciprocates as expected giving Liam a blowjob that likely brings him back to their first encounter (“That was one of the best weekends of my life.”). And then in a gesture that indicates their encounter here is recapturing the “magic” of their previous encounter and not just a quickie, Jesse invites him into his bedroom.

The shift of the action to the bedroom does indeed make a difference in the visual tone of the scene but it also seems to provoke a difference in the way the two men perform. Lying on his back while Jesse sucks him, Liam exhibits deeply felt pleasure and it makes the muscle stud react with his deep, husky voice. He’s putting himself under Jesse’s control and this is further illustrated in the the ease with which Jesse turns him over to rim his ass which looks so rock hard you could probably bounce an anvil off of it. He gets turned around again and this time gets ready to fuck him.

The build-up to this fuck sequence leads you to believe it will be wildly intense …and it is, as well as very vocal and loud. So if there’s any reason you’re trying to be discreet in watching this scene you best have the volume adjusted. Jesse Jackman drills Liam Knox like he owns every inch of him and by the way he looks at him with such a riveting gaze it appears he wants Liam to know it. This could easily be described as “driving home the point.” Also, Liam demonstrates what has been one of his more vivid characteristics from hisfirst scene: deep-voiced, bear-like growls and grunts that reflect what he’s feeling and seem to incite his scene partners.

When they flip the guys are almost exactly in the same position and fuck almost the same way. Just as Jesse Jackman jack-hammered Liam Knox, he gets the same treatment. But here Jesse gets even louder as Liam fucks him to orgasm. When it’s HIS turn Liam is on his back jacking off as Jesse plays with his nipples with a wickedly sexual smile on his face.  Again Liam belts out a yell as he cums. Finally they end their intense fucking with a kiss. And there is a brief post-sex bit of dialog that has an little bit of humor and delivers an “a-ha” moment when “Kevin” becomes Liam Knox. Again this is Liam’s “star-maker” movie.

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