Hot House’s Dirty Work Finale!

Nick Sterling and Coby Mitchell are back in action at Hot House this week in the finale of Dirty Work, the “sex on the job” feature from director Nick Foxx. It’s been too long since we’ve seen either guy in a scene here at Hot House (almost a year for Nick and almost two for Coby) but they perform like there’s been no hiatus. And, they fit right in to this topsy-turvy porn scenario when guys aren’t embarrassed or chastised about being caught jacking off at work. And in fact it’s an invitation to getting it on with your co-worker.

At the workshop setting where fellow blue-collar employees Austin Wolf and Derek Bolt had sex in last week’s scene, it’s Nick Sterling who is so horny during his work day that he has to whip out his smart phone and jack-off to online porn (a Hot House scene, of course). He’s right out in the open, making noises as though he’s close when co-worker Coby Mitchell walks in to the workshop. As he continues to jack off Nick says casually that he was just about to cum and Coby responds that he’s glad he didn’t and they kiss excitedly. Actually, they do much more in a smoothly flowing sequence in which cocks come out, shirts come off, muscles are played with, and nipples tweaked.

Whether it’s true or not Nick Sterling and Coby Mitchell look like there’s natural chemistry between them and sexual compatibility. Coby goes down on Nick and gives him good head…at least that how it appears on Nick’s face and body language. And as an aside to Nick, nice balls! After receiving some hungry cocksucking Nick gives it back to him with equal fervor. Again they really seem like they’re in sync when it comes to knowing how to pleasure their partners. Nick has one hand firmly under Coby’s cock like a cuff above his big ball sac. This semi-rough treatment is just a prelude to the surprising turn to the sex.

Coby Mitchell is bent over on all fours getting worked over and when the camera pulls back we find Nick Sterling using a power tool with a dildo attached to it and he’s fucking Coby with it! AND, this isn’t like those variable speed butt-fucking machines you can buy at an adult store. True, Nick starts out with a few pulsing motions to ease Coby into it but he soo works it up to a sustained power-drill speed. Of course this “toy” foreplay elicits loud moans from Coby who stamina nonetheless is quite impressive. You could say the same for Nick who has to hoist and use the power tool.  And we have to as, how does one rehearse for a sequence like this??

Once Coby Mitchell shows that he can take the power-fucking from a power tool it makes sense for Nick Sterling to fuck him the name way. Nick can’t fuck at blurring speed like the tool but it looks like he comes close…and he has a lot of energy to do so that doesn’t require him to be plugged in. He fucks Coby from behind and on his back on top of the work table. Nick’s speed-fucking appears just to be what HE likes and he winds up cumming first. How does Coby cum? With Nick using the power tool on him again. SO, it appears that not only could Coby take the power tool’s fuck motion it gets him to cum. Is this how a kink addiction start?

Lastly, next week Hot House starts showing scenes from TKO: Total Knockouts, a movie which appears to be an epic, all-star boxing/mixed martial arts sexfest. It looks exciting but it does have a sad, real-life tragedy attached to it. The first scene has Austin Wolf and Josh Conners with subsequent scenes featuring Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose, Ian Greene, and Micky JR. There’s also a scene with Trenton Ducati and the late Alexander Gustavo. Alexander took his own life days after filming his final role so this is going to be a hard scene to watch for his many fans. We hope that the studio acknowledges him somehow.



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