A CockyBoy Is ________ With Tegan Zayne!

Cocky Boys latest release A Cocky Boys Is   Unique  is another of those wondrous delights with all kinds of great things going on. First, most obviously,  it’s the second installment of the model spotlight series A Cocky Boy Is _____ shot and directed by RJ Sebastian and edited by Cilantro Che Guevara. Second it stars Tegan Zayne who last appeared way bay at the beginning of February. AND the scene features the Cocky Boys debut of super-hot Jacen Zhu who himself and the back story of his appearance fits the “unique” narrative of of this scene.

In the introduction of this scene, also titled Tegan Zayne is Unique   we are again reminded that Tegan Zayne is an relatively quiet young man with surprising wit and charm, candid about himself and his offbeat qualities but not really what you might consider a public person…even in the environs of NYC.  The intro contrasts Tegan with Jacen Zhu who is more outwardly energetic and candid..but who actually prefers someone like Tegan who has lots going on upstairs. Apparently they had been in contact on Twitter before their shoot, attracted to each other physically and their contrasting personalities. In keeping with the “unique” theme Cocky Boys cameras are there capturing their first physical meeting and introductory chat. It’s fascinating to watch their attraction grow as well as their finding out what they have in common, and Tegan loosening up more.

Arguably more importantly, for Cocky Boys purposes anyway,  Tegan Zayne and Jacen Zhu share the ability to freely express themselves sexually. There’s a great deal of intimate sensuality when their sex scene begins. Slow, smooth kissing, eye contact and lots of touching. Here, and throughout the scene the chemistry and compatibility between these two is a genuine pleasure to watch and you can see that the pleasure they give each other is NOT performance. Jacen goes first sucking off Tegan, starting at a lower energy level than his personality. You can see how much Tegan enjoys the way Jacen sucks cock.

When Tegan sits Jacen in the chair to return the favor he raises the energy level to closer to what Jacen exhibits personality-wise. As we’ve seen before Tegan Zayne is a talented and intuitive cocksucker who almost immediately knows his scene partner’s likes and trigger spots. Just watch the way Jacen gets more vocal as Tegan sucks on relentlessly. You have to look out for  energy Jacen’s subtly incredulous reaction to Tegan’s talented mouth. And though Tegan is a quiet sort he has no problem telling Jacen to give his cock more sucking. This is just the beginning of a striking, unexpected shift in the dynamic.

After Jacen Zhu sucks him more he and Tegan Zayne “flip the script” so to speak. Jacen get on his back with his legs in the air and whispers to Tegan how bad he wants to be fucked. And Tegan wants him to say how bad! Actually Jacen shows him and Tegan goes right ahead and fucks him slow and deep. Often in porn there’s a saying that it takes a good bottom to make a good top (and vice-versa) and Tegan Zayne demonstrates that this is true, at least for himself. Visually this is perfection to watch. You have to listen too as Tegan finds the right spot and he and Jacen find their groove, smiling broadly as they do. They seem to get very close as they kiss BUT Tegan stops to explore an idea.

In a “take-charge” moment  Tegan expresses the desire to watch himself fuck Jacen in the mirror and Jace looks happy and excited to be on board with his suggestion. As Jacen kneels in a chair Tegan fucks Jacen from behind and periodically watches himself in the mirror. Again Tegan demonstrates uncanny talent as a top, sometimes burying his cock to the hilt and holding it deep as he holds onto Jacen. Plus Jacen continues to reacts vocally emphasizing that Tegan has found “the spot’.  You may not recognize Tegan as the same semi-introverted person in the scene’s introduction when he gives Jacen’s beautiful butt a few spanks and shows Jacen his reflection getting fucked. And he does so with a wicked smile on his face. Imagine how Tegan Zayne must fee as he fucks Jacen Zhu harder and faster and Jacen calls out his name telling him how good it feels and to pound his ass. Tegan even  responds with some dirty talk of his own.

With all this momentum you might think that these two are close to the point of no return but Tegan does slow down and as he does he whispers in Jacen’s ear, ” I love fucking your ass, but… we’re both versatile. I think you know what that means.” Indeed Jacen Zhu does and he knows what answer he’ll get when he asks with a broad smile of anticipation, ” You want my dick in there?” They take things to bed where Jacen’s intuition kicks in too and he finds “the spot” With Tegan on his stomach Jaceb rims him and after considerable time prepping him for cock he eases his cock into Tegan. At first slow and easy Jacen picks up the pace and Tegan, his torso slightly twisted, takes it all…again not so quietly.

Eventually Jacen Zhu turrns Tegan Zayne over on his back to fuck him missionary style and in between kisses he’s really focused on making Tegan cum. In time he does, finding his “spot” again and fucking him into shooting his load. Tegan basically shoots all over himself but Jacen is more “focused”. He pulls out and gives Tegan a facial which winds up in his mouth and in his beard..and which Tegan gives him a taste In the end Jacen has one more strong impression to make. He has an orgasm that lasts well beyond his shooting his load. Post-cum cock sensitivity isn’t uncommon but it appears that just the slightest body movement triggers it in Jacen and he almost looks like he’s going to pass out from it..twice! Yes Tegan is “unique” but so is Jacen. MORE, please!

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