Hot House’s TKO Total Knockouts Begins…

This week Hot House launched its new all-star movie TKO Total Knockouts with a red-hot scene starring Austin Wolf and Josh Conners as they “face off in a fight of ultimate sexual conquest.” It’s the first of four scenes illustrating the premise “When your ass is on the line, you’ll do whatever it takes to score”. Four pairs of hot men engage in three rounds of athletic combat of the mixed martial artists variety and at the end of these mini-battles one of the fighters gets fucked. It will be familiar to those who have seen Kink Men‘s Naked Kombat site and it’s very similar in concept except that director Nick Foxx spends less than a minute on the two rounds of combat and the rest of the video on the naked wrestling and subsequent sex.

Knowing that Austin Wolf and Josh Conners are the combatants in the first scene, you can figure out very quickly who’s going to win. Still, a little of Austin dominating Josh and pinning him to the mat is hot. And Austin goes a step further by holding him down by his neck to make him give in completely. And he follows by walking around his defeated opponent with a cocky strut and proud grin. In no time Josh is on his knees sucking off Austin as the muscle giant plays with his own nipples. Austin also tests Josh’s deep-throating skills with his own brand of subtle face-fucking. He holds Josh’s head and pushes in his cock, holding it in until Josh swallows.

 Austin Wolf employs a few of his favorite moves in this scene which includes using his size top reach over and play with Josh’s ass, using his fingers and some spit to probe him. However much this is like other Austin scenes, he and Josh Conners don’t just skip over to rimming and fucking. Instead Austin lies in his back so that Josh can sit on his face and give Austin’s mouth and fingers access, while Josh can position himself and bend over to suck his cock. It may sound a little contorted and awkward but visually it seems to work out just fine. And it lasts longer than you might expect.

Eventually Austin Wolf and Josh Conners move to a more conventional doggy style position to start their fucking.  But even here the sex feels different, more in keeping with the premise and setting. Soon Josh’s face and upper torso are flat on the mat while his ass is raised up and Austin has his arm pinned behind him. And eventually Austin is completely on top of Josh, his whole body flush against the mat with Austin’s arm wrapped around his throat. There’s some very hot, deep fucking going on that’s riveting and exciting. As we’ve seen before Austin Wolf is a subtly vocal performer abd lets his body do the talking. Josh Conners makes up for this with higher volume, expressive vocals. The combination and contrast creates plenty of intensity here.

They wind up with Austin fucking Josh on his back and while it’s not as intense as the previous sequence, this one produces results. Austin Wolf  plows him hard and then Josh Conners strokes out a load when Austin is kneeling next to his face. We half-expected them to cum simultaneously but Josh shoots first and Austin releases soon after. A very satisfying beginning to what we assume is going to be a wildly hot movie.



Hot House Director Nick F9oxx pretty much confirms what we saw here play out: “Austin and Josh brought their A-game into the ring with them. When your ass is literally on the line, you know it’s going to be a good match! The competition in the scene was a major turn on, and it shows in the intense sexual chemistry that permeates every scene in ‘TKO Total Knockouts.’”

As for the subsequent scenes they feature Ryan Rose & Ian Greene next week, Trenton Ducati & Alexander Gustavo the following week, with Sean Zevran & Micky JR in the finale. Stay tuned…

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