Cocky Boys’ Hot 3-Way With Ricky, Logan & Josh

Cocky Boys certainly knows how to welcome back a model in style. It’s been over a year since handsome Euro-stud Logan Moore appeared in a scene and he returns this week with his hot fiance Josh Moore. This pairing would be special on its own but Cocky Boys decided to add some frosting to the cake by adding Ricky Roman to the mix. The result is a three-way that’s fun and playful and sensually erotic but also takes turns to being pretty mind-blowing, intensely hardcore. In short, it’s Cocky Boys at its best. 

Surprisingly there’s a very brief introduction for this scene but even in the limited amount of time these three guys aren’t getting it on, you can see the chemistry and compatibility. Adorable Ricky Roman appears almost giddy to be with Logan Moore and Josh Moore as well as politely grateful they’re including him. With a wicked smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, Logan has something special in mind for this scene as a response to Ricky’s asking how he can say thank you. The beauty of this scene is that it proceeds in a seemingly spontaneous fashion, regardless of Logan’s “plans”.

Ricky Roman starts off with a little semi-humorous porn scene etiquette, asking Logan Moore “Do you mind?” before taking out Josh Moore‘s cock and sucking it. Josh gets mighty thick very fast! And as these first moments of the three-way take place you can see that these guys are very connected from the start. Ricky wants to see that Logan is watching while both Logan and Josh look on approvingly on his oral technique…as well as his ass. In fact Logan cops a feel.

There’s quite a bit of action in this scene, meaning the guys change positions often and as they do the dynamic of this three-way changes. RJ Sebastian keeps us with this dynamic but he’s also crafty in how he presents the flow. When Ricky changes to lying on his back and getting face fucked by Josh, RJ is close up giving us a view of Ricky almost effortlessly deep-throating the thick cock.Then he surprises us by panning up and showing us Logan kissing Logan as he’s being sucked. It shows the challenges of filming and participating in three-way. Ricky is getting and giving pleasure simultaneously but as skilled as he is, he has to come up for air. But he gets rewarded by kisses from both guys.

When they go back to their previous position we see something we don’t think we’ve seen before : tag-rimming. Logan Moore rims Ricky Roman as rick sucks Josh then Josh Moore bends over to rim Ricky before Logan goes back again to rim again and Josh gets another turn. Then next shift though is Logan fucking Ricky with mouth free. it gives Logan and Josh more time to swap some kisses and Ricky and Josh to smooch too. Soon it’s Josh’s turn to fuck Ricky who is turned around like he’s on a lazy Susan and fucked from behind while sucking Logan. And don’t think that Ricky isn’t enjoying this. At one point RJ captures a happy sex-pig smile on his face. Ricky Roman is the star of this sequence, taking a deep fucking from Josh Moore, while going back and forth between kissing Logan Moore and sucking his cock. And as Josh bears down climbing higher he can now kiss Logan.

Keep in mind that the scene is not even half over…that’s how much action is here. And as we said the dynamic changes. No one is really “in charge” but Ricky Roman does alter the dynamic. He still wants Josh Moore to fuck him but but Ricky wants to fuck Logan Moore from behind too. So a hot fuck chain is started, continuing on until Josh moves to the front, wanting to be sucked by Logan as Ricky fucks him. Logan is now the center of attention but in no time it’s Josh’s turn, lying on his back as Ricky and Logan together lick and suck his party-size cock. Of course, this dynamic shifts again with Ricky sitting his hot ass on Josh’s abs giving Logan the opportunity to show of his skills: sucking both Ricky and Josh at the same time. Meanwhile Josh not only plays with his own nipples, Ricky reaches back to hold onto his throats and plant his thumb in Josh’s mouth to suck.


The guys don’t come out and say it but it seems clear that they’re doing their best to put on one of the the wildest sex shows ever seen at Cocky Boys . In other words the guys get up and set up another dynamic. Just enough time is spent on this to make viewers wonder what they do possibly do next. Behold! Logan Moore gets into a reverse cowboy position to take Josh’s cock and Ricky Roman climbs aboard to ride on top. It’s not quite the “pancake stack” position but they get close. And  then Ricky turns around and double-penetrates Logan! Not exactly what Logan had in mind at the beginning of the scene, but no one here is nitpicking. And Ricky sure is happy as he says out loud this was his first time in a DP!

With so much heat and passion generated here you have to figure that these guys MUST go for a big finish…and they do. Ricky Roman is on his knees sucking off each of the Moores and gets a mouth-centered facial from each one. Logan Moore goes first and then makes sure to play with his fiancee and kiss him as Josh Moore‘s thick cock gives Ricky almost all of his geyser of cum.

And then the Moores make sure to give Ricky a spectacular orgasm. Logan plays with Ricky’s nipples and makes the Cocky Boys hero arch his back and make him writhe in deliciously hot ecstasy. At the same time Josh’s firm grip milks out a massive, long-lasting cumshot that splatters all over Ricky’s torso. As he lies back, looking like he may pass out from the post-orgasmic euphoria Rick says ” I don’t think I’ve ever been hosed with so much cum”. And with his hand still on Ricky’s cock Josh gets the perfect punchline: “Same time, next week?”

Yes, Cocky Boys is batting 1000 this year.

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