Titan Men’s TaXXX Continues…

This week at Titan Men it’s Alex Mecum and Eddy CeeTee who provide some tax time stress relief …for each other and the audience. In this vignette Alex is busy on the computer commenting that “These taxes are driving me crazy!” Fortunately Alex has Eddy, freshly pumped from the gym, on hand to rub his broad shoulders and quickly turn the subject to sex. And Eddy is damn lucky too to have a studly man do the taxes and put them aside to have sex. 

The little introduction establishing the stressed out Alex Mecum and horny Eddy CeeTee taking his mind off taxes with innuendo is dispatched quickly and the rest of the scene is one wildly exciting suck ‘n’ fuck fest. The very vivid intensely powerful chemistry between Alex and Eddy is something to behold and, no exaggerating, this match-up is almost impossible to describe.

Once Eddy has Alex’s attention they begin to kiss and enjoy each other’s bodies. And putting it mildly there’s quite a bit to enjoy with both guys. This is one of the selling points of this scene. True or not, these guys look like they’re totally into each other, in a semi-worshipful but loving sense.Just watch the way they kiss and strip off their clothes and feel each other up… you really feel their connection. Eddy’s lips make their way down Alex’s sculpted torso and to his rock hard cock. It’s safe to say EVERYONE loves Alex Mecum’s cock but Eddy CeeTee gives it special attention.Alex in turn responds by giving him every inch, face fucking him deep in his throat.

Eddy CeeTee also has a beautiful cock and Alex Mecum reciprocates sucking him with the same kind of reverential attention in a sequence which takes several turns. And then there’s Eddy’s response. He reaches down to play with Alex’s ass, thrust out purposely as he presses against Eddy.  There’s a slightly kinky turn…geared complete to foot fetishists… as Eddy lies back in bed and plays with his cock as Alex takes off his socks and worships his feet. AND they switch places so that Eddy can suck and lick Alex’s feet. And Eddy winds up sliding his cock between Alex’s feet!

There’s something about the comfortable, almost graceful way Eddy and Alex move together that comes from their compatibility combined with Jasun Mark’s intuitive direction. On the bed Eddy CeeTee kisses Alex Mecum passionately and in a smooth transition Alex is crouched over his face stuffing his mouth with cock.

When the fucking begins it first appears it’s going to be fairly standard with Eddy CeeTee topping Alex Mecum doggy style. However in keeping with the rest of the scene you get more than expected. Eddy and Alex get very heated with lots of breathless passion and sweat-soaked energy. Eddy fucks Alex hard and fast from behind and then on his back. All of the muscles in their bodies are flexed and straining with Alex’s eight pack is a thing of beauty.

In the end Eddy brings Alex to the edge and then takes complete control, fucking him hard and stroking his cock until the very vocal bottom shoots a huge geyser that splatters over his abs. Eddy controls him to the end, not letting go of Alex’s sensitive cock as the tall bottom writhes. He even sucks some of the cum up. Eddy’s intense cumshot follows and he collapses on top of Alex. Wildly hot! Again we didn’t expect this match-up to be THIS good…it’s actually better! Live now at Titan Men.

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