Cocky Boys: Arad & Danny!

When Cocky Boys pairs up two guys who fit so well together the results are just magic. That’s the case with the newest scene featuring Arad Winwin and Danny Montero. They both seem so content to be with each other we almost get the impression they could be a real couple …or have the potential to be one. Wishful thinking perhaps but that’s what Cocky Boys often does to us. And if they’re both unattached? Hmmmm. This might increase their prospects.

While lying in each other’s arms in their hotel room Arad Winwin kisses and caresses Danny Montero whose silky smooth, ripped and lean-muscled body and his incredibly disarming smile simply demand this kind of affection. By the way, in case you haven’t figured it out Danny is one of our favorites. The Latin stud can’t help but notice that with their bed so close to the large window people in other buildings can see what they’re doing. Arad doesn’t care and in fact it gets him excited…just as it does with Danny.

Arad likes to be in charge but he’s not one to be overly dominant as we see here. Danny seems to be the type who freely gives up control, happy to do so and make his partner happy. So even if Danny is a little nervous about being told to stand in the window and let Arad strip him naked for others to see, he definitely gets into the exhibitionism, .Plus he’s excited to see they ARE being watched.


In truth, if Arad Winwin was gently manhandling you from behind you’d probably strip down to please him too. So too you’d suck his cock in a chair in reasonable proximity to the window. That’s indeed what Danny does here…with mildly playful intensity. Arad sure seems to enjoy it and already seems to have on his mind what he ultimately wants from Danny Montero: his hot ass. He plays with it as Danny sucks him and then rims it and fingers him on the bed. We certainly can’t blame him but Arad Winwin clearly is focused on possessing that ass.

On the bed it’s also clear to us that Danny Montero is quite happy to be manhandled by Arad who uses his hands, mouth,and cock to tease and get Danny ready for some fucking. In a 69 position Danny sucks Arad while he continues to to get his ass worked over. Finally Arad’s cock finds its place inside Danny in a sequence that’s a powerful combination of rough ‘n’ tumble, sensuality, and passion. Arad Winwin pins Danny to the bed, he lifts him to fuck him higher with total focus on being in charge.

For the benefit of their fantasy voyeur (and after seeing the video he may not be a fantasy) Arad and Danny play along and really try and give their “audience” quite a show. In a chair adjacent to the window Danny rides Arad’s cock and they really get into a groove. But then in a somewhat shocking and semi-risky move Arad fucks Danny standing up right there in the window. If there is someone with binoculars or a telescope from a building nearby they really are getting a free sex show!

They wind up back in bed with Arad fucking Danny on his back. and where Arad Winwin demonstrates again a talent for a “big finish”. In a mastery of timing (and probably some discipline) he fucks the cum about of Danny Montero and manages to pull out, peel off his condom and shoot a powerful, far-ranging geyser just as Danny is still jacking off the last vestiges of his own cumshot. As a result you have two happy and satisfied guys..sexually sated and also proud they put on quite a show. AND this is another of Cocky Boys‘ 2017 winners.

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