Falcon Studios Launches Site for Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2!

Falcon Studios has announced the launch of a dedicated website for its upcoming May blockbuster Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, featuring a an all-star cast and directed by Chi Chi LaRue.  The site www.EarthboundXXX.com features teasers, photos, pre-order info and more, and is described as a “preview site for the continuation of Falcon’s mega-hit Heaven to Hell“. The original movie was released 12 years ago and as many of you know it was also Chi Chi LaRue who “triumphantly returns to Falcon to direct the next chapter” part of Falcon Studios 45th Anniversary Celebrations.

The first teaser, along with other info, for Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 is up now at www.EarthboundXXX.com and in the press release Falcon Studios says that the site will be updated weekly so that fans are encouraged to “check back each week as additional previews, photos and a trio of mystery, super-star appearances are revealed.” And the appearances include at least one confirmed appearance from the cast of the original movie! Also, “Fans will also be given the opportunity to pre-order the new six-scene movie featuring a cast of 14 sexy studs or the Heaven to Hell Bundle, which includes the re-issued ‘Heaven to Hell’ and the continuation, ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’ for a reduced price.”

As we mentioned the “first major discovery” has been revealed, as seen ‘Earthbound’ box cover and in the teaser trailer: Falcon Legend Dean Monroe will be back reprising his role from ‘Heaven to Hell’ as the Devil! When info was coming out about the production we were hoping that Dean would be back because although retired from porn he is still active.


Tim Valenti, President of Falcon Studios Group and NakedSword Network  comments “This is major. It’s the biggest Falcon release in over ten years. We have pulled out all the stops to make this the biggest Falcon release of the decade. It’s been amazing to bring back Chi Chi LaRue to her Falcon roots to direct the next chapter of her huge hit.”

Chi Chi LaRue comments ,“This is not just a movie this is an event! Working with this team is a dream come true! ’Heaven to Hell’ was my last feature at Falcon before I ventured out on my own, and coming back to Falcon to direct the next chapter has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

As  you can see this Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2  is an all-star production in front of the camera AND behind it. Director Chi Chi LaRue is joined by award-winners Tony Dimarco and mr. Pam as cinematographers; wardrobe design is by Michael Schmidt; and concept art and illustrations are by John Hall.

As for the plot and movie description….”12 years ago…Falcon Studios released Heaven To Hell, one of the most talked-about and successful gay porn movies of all time. An epic story of good versus evil and of paradise lost and pleasure found finally continues in Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2

“The Master of the Underworld rules with a harsh hand and his soulless Dark Angels do his evil bidding, reigning terror over all who cross their paths. Dark Angel Rogue refuses to accept this fate and escapes to the world above, making him Earthbound. Much to his dismay he finds that Earth is just as dark and unforgiving, but he discovers that the only way to break the ties that bind him to an eternal hell is to find true love. Rogue’s ray of goodness and saving grace reveals himself in the most unlikely of places, an underground nightclub in the form of a male erotic dancer named Lucky. Meanwhile the Master of the Underworld has unleashed his Dark Angels on a mission to retrieve his Rogue. Human kindness is put to the test as lust and desire fuel the suspense in this highly stylized, erotic, XXX thriller where sex is king but love conquers all!”

Okay, SPOILER ALERT! The cast list in the press release features some unrevealed names but the DVD boxer reveals who they are. SO, if you don’t want to know, read no further.

Exclusive Brent Corrigan as Lucky
Exclusive Skyy Knox as Rogue
Mystery Exclusive as Lord
Exclusive Johnny V as Barfly
Exclusive JJ Knight as Henchman
Exclusive Sean Zevran as Dark Angel
Arad Winwin as Dark Angel
Andre Donovan as Dark Angel
Armond Rizzo as Alleycat
Trelino as Snitch
Introducing Gabriel Alanzo as Dark Angel
With…Dean Monroe as Devil..and Mystery Superstar Returning after 9 years as Biker and Special Appearance by Mystery Mega Star Who Appeared in original Heaven to Hell and Sister Roma, Michael Youens, Tor Keeslar, J Bear.

Okay, so the “mystery exclusive” is super hot Andrew Stark! This may only be a one time thing for him but it will be great to see this porn star and artist back in a movie again (he recently was doing cam work). The “Mystery Superstar” returning after 9 years in Blake Riley! AND, the “Mystery Mega Star Who Appeared in original Heaven to Hell” is none other than Brad Patton!!! The story of these four returning stars has to be a story on itys own. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon. The first scene goes live on the Falcon Studios site on Friday May 5! Stay tuned…

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