Hot House’s TKO Total Knockouts………Ryan Rose vs Ian Greene!

The brawling and balling continue this week with Ryan Rose and Ian Greene in the second scene from TKO Total Knockouts now up at Hot House ! In this second of four staged mixed martial artist cage matches in which the loser gets fucked, the outcome would seem less predictable than the first (top man Austin Wolf vs Josh Conners)..and it is. Ryan and Ian look like they’re really engaged in a sweaty, rough battle. But as much as Ian Greene shows his strength, stamina and skills Hot House reminds us that it’s the real-life USMC training of Ryan Rose that evebntualy proves the be the deciding factor. Now had Ryan and Austin battled it out in the first battle….

As it turns out Ian Greene doesn’t really act like a guy who has lost a tough match. He eagerly and energetically is on his knees to suck off Ryan Rose who as always strikes a statuesque figure as he’s sucked and deep-throated. The broad-shoulder and ripped muscled Ryan pretty much looks great from every angle and director Nick Foxx often proves this point throughout the scene. Ryan doesn’t just cut a striking figure either. He vocally and visually expressed the pleasure he’s getting from Ian. AND, he reciprocates with the same energy.He aggressively puts Ian into a top-bottom 69 in which they suck each other before Ryan rims him, finger fucks his toight hole, and face-fucks him in that position.

As the take-charge winner in this scenario Ryan Rose puts Ian Greene into position without consultation or hesitation. He moves from a 69 into a near-piledriver position and fucks him hard, down and dirty. He simply gives it good to Ian who vividly telegraphs how it feels. They may be opponent sin this premise but they work together very well. As Ryan lies on his back Ian fucks himself on Ryan’s cock. And he doesn’t ever quit. He literally and relentlessly rides Ryan’s cuck until he cums. AND in a continued demonstration of his stamina he takes no break as he lies down next to Ryan to get a facial from the top man…who makes sure he positions Ian’s whiskered face to get his load.

When it’s all over and the two guys are spent, lying side-by-side, Ryan Rose almost gets the last word by reaching over to slap Tian on the chest and mutter , “loser” as he gets up and walks away.Ian Greene laughs heartily at the semi-humorous nickname but again he sure doesn’t act like a loser. He did win something here in his Hot House debut. A great scene partner and further proof to us that Ian is a true rising star.

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