American Muscle Hunks: Three-Way Action!

Beau Taylor, Dylan Strokes, and Johnny V provide American Muscle Hunks with one of their best scenes of the year so far, a hot three-way with beautiful bods, hard cocks and one studly man getting tag-teamed. Johnny V of course should be familiar to porn fans and AMH members and though Dylan Strokes just made his AMH debut, this will be the first time you’ll be seeing Beau Taylor in action. So this makes this hot scene a milestone for American Muscle Hunks and from what we’ve seen Beau makes an memorable debut.

American Muscle Hunks puts Beau Taylor, Dylan Strokes, and Johnny V in the gym to start their scene, working out and showing off what they can given that there’s probably a dress code. But you do there are obviously super-sexy bodies under the clothes. And with Johnny doing triceps pull downs with his muscle butt thrust out Beau gets quite an eyeful…and a preview of what’s to come. After this pumping up session it’s time to leave and take things into the Johnny’s bedroom at the so-called “hunk house” his invitation.

No time is wasted as they engage in some three-way kissing , clothes are removed and some mighty delicious bodies are revealed. What’s nice here is that these aren’t guys who are carbon copies of each other in any way. They’re all VERY attractive and have well-built bodies to enjoy visually. And they’re all very active in this scene. They get into a “suck chain” of sorts  and then Beau and Dylan turn their attentions to Johnny, rimming, sucking and face fucking him. One of the highlights in this sequence is the tight 69 that Johnny and Dylan get into.

The total domination of Johnny V essentially drives the scene as Beau Taylor and Dylan Strokes take turns fucking him while he sucks the other’s cock.  Johnny then gets finished off on his back with Beau fucking him and Dylan face-fucking him.  Beau fucks a load out of Johnny and then both he and Dylan jack off over his face. Check out the preview here.

Lastly, we didn’t know what to expect when we saw that Dylan Strokes and Beau Taylor were following up their solos at American Muscle Hunks with a three-way with Johnny V. But it’s much hotter than we anticipated. And as we said at the top Beau Taylor makes a big impression, looking very much like a confident star in the making as opposed to a blank slate newbie. Stay tuned for more…very soon.

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