Bel Ami: Loving Kris Finale

Bel Ami has wrapped up Loving Kris,  its month long tribute to Kris Evans with a two-part 3-way with featuring the incredibly hot superstar with Zac Dehaan and Julien Hussey!  This finale alone is reason enough to check out the site this weekend but, true to the ways of Bel Ami there’s more to spotlight. AND there’s a little hint of what’s come. In reference to the Loving Kris the newsletter says, “We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did. Meanwhile we are planning our next “special series” with one of our next generation superstar….” Mull THAT over!

TOP TO BOTTOM: With Torsten Ullman and Julien Hussey. “Today you get a special treat. Not only have we paired two of your favourites, Torsten and Rhys, but the “cum celebration” in this flip flop scene is truly beautiful. Rhys so enjoys being fucked by Torsten that he rewards him with 2 orgasms.”

You could also call this Julien Hussey Week since he’s here AND in the Kris Evans finale. One thing that seems to be clear in both releases, this is someone who really enjoys what he does. When he isn’t smiling and having fun Julien looks like he’s on the verge of it.  And though Kris and Torsten are probably getting the bulk of attention you might be drawn to what Julien is doing.

As for this scene the compatibility between Torsten Ullman and Julien Hussey is evident from the start. Torsten is perhaps a little more serious in his style but as they engage in some hot pleasure-giving passion he melts a little and Julien gets more focused.  The trailer doesn’t show the two-orgasm thing but it does show Julien’s explosive geyser cumshot…another big highlight of the “celebration”




DEEP & HARD: With Jack Harrer and Andrei Karenin. “We have a treat today for all the Jack lovers out there as he is joined by Andrei to help him fulfill a little wish list he has made. Andrei here is probably in the best physical condition he has ever been in, and obviously very turned on by Jack’s attentions. With a dick like Jack’s, we often see it become the center of attention in a lot of encounters, but this time it is all about the pleasure that Jack can give Andrei, first with a deep blow job and then long and erotic rimming session… so erotic in fact that Andrei shoots his load right there and then before the fucking even starts.

“Don’t be fooled however into think that it may be enough for Andrei, as within minutes he is hard again and impaling himself on Jack’s dick. Often Jack has to be a bit careful how hard he fucks a guy, but this time it certainly isn’t a problem at all, the harder and faster he goes, the more Andrei enjoys it. This is definitely one of our best scenes with both of these guys. ”

This video is EVERYTHING that Bel Ami promises…and more. Again we don’t see the first cumshot in the trailer BUT you can that Andrei is one of those very tactile type who gets hard at a moment’s notice. You can see it in his face. We could imagine that if he trained himself he could be someone who cums without stroking his cock. And yes his body is beautiful. Were it not for Jack’s cock  you could get off just watching Andrei’s body in motion.

But of course Jack Harrer’s cock IS in the scene and it’s the reason for Andrei’s body movements. We can see how it might present a problem for cameraman. How to get it in the picture with close-ups and accurately capture every inch is a challenge!


LOVING KRIS: With Kris Evans, Zac Dehaan and Julien Hussey. “After a lot of planning, poor Julien misses his tram and almost misses out on all the action. Luckily for him, Zac and Kris decide that they can get by with a lot of sucking and rimming while waiting for their tardy friend to arrive. Once he gets there he sets about making up for lost time, by planting himself firmly between Kris and Zac and taking turns sucking them until they both shoot all over his face.”

With Kris Evans having already appeared with Zac in a photo-shoot and a related oral scene and with Julien in several group sex scenes, and with Zac Dehaan and Julien Hussey having been paired in a “night scene” there’s no mystery about the chemistry here. Interesting enough the trailer is edited in such a way as to make Zac and Julien to have more of a connection. It’s not that huge a difference and it may very well be that Kris is a force on his own. On the other hand Kris is very attentive to his scene partners. Very hot three-way no matter how you view it.

Lastly with Kris Evans full into his fitness modeling and bodybuilding competitions who knows if he is still filming with Bel AmiOR if there are more unreleased scenes. Whatever the case may be we do hope the studio has filmed him recently in his current form. He almost looks surreal with his ripped muscle body.

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