Cocky Boys: Cory Kane & Jack Hunter!

Cory Kane and Jack Hunter both illustrate the porn interpretation of the old political proverb “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” They’re paired up this week at Cocky Boys and in the brief introduction they try to answer, with remarkable humility,  RJ Sebastian’s blunt off camera question “Alright…Who’s got the bigger dick?” They talk about length and girth but neither guy is ready to commit as to who is bigger. Does dick size even matter to these two? Of course it does as they demonstrate in their match-up. They DO speak softly and carry big sticks…and know how to use them, on each other.

Jack Hunter turns out to be right in his assessment that Cory Kane has the fatter dick and goes one step further when he takes it out he looks at it says directly to Cory that it’s the fattest dick he’s ever seen. To the viewer, given Cory’s lean-muscled body, it looks even bigger so we have to go by Jack’s visual measuring tape. It’s lengthy too because Jack bravely tries to deep-throat him and can’t quite get there. Regardless of this he spends quite some time sucking Cory’s cock which seemingly does not have an “off” switch. When the roles are reversed and Cory goes down on Jack, it appears he doesn’t even try to deep throat Jack. So, at least as far as these two are concerned Jack probably does have the longer cock.

Cory Kane also seems to be an “actions speak louder than words” type of fellow as he quietly gets Jack Hunter on all fours to rim him deeply and hungrily as well as play with his cock and balls. By the way, in this regard the modest Mr Hunter would have to admit that his low-hanging balls may be among the biggest in porn. If not they’re at least very proportionate to his perfect cock. Add to this his blue eyes and tall, well-built bod and you’ve pretty much got the total package. He too doesn’t say much but lets his actions do the work. After getting rimmed he face fucks Cory as he lies on the sofa and Jack barely can get his cock in before Cory gags.

Both guys persist here, continuing to show that there’s much more to their onscreen talents than having a big dick. BUT, while they’re boned up and excited we get a nice interlude where they stand and kiss and compare cocks. If you’re so inclined you might be able to answer the question RJ posed to them. But it remains unanswered officially. Soon after, Cory Kane on his back again and Jack Hunter sucks his ginormous cock (did it just get even bigger?), rims his twitching hole, and fingers him in advance of fucking him. He goes slow at first and picks up the depth and speed. It’s clear Cory is very tight and they need to find the right position …which they seem to do with a little effort. It’s a bit of a sideways fucking that seems to feel good…and look good on camera.

When it’s Jack Hunter‘s turn to be the bottom in this flip-fuck scene he too has a challenge taking Cory Kane but powers on through, and more vocal that Cory.  He gets it from behind Cory plows him deep. You can tell HOW deep by how wide Jack’s mouth opens..Jack has a “tell” when he shows he’s feeling something extraordinary sexually and his gaping mouth is one of them. Eventually he gets topped on his back and Cory fucks a thick load out of him.

By the way, Jack Hunter doesn’t get enough mention for this but he always delivers a big “money shot”. Cory must know this because he bends down to suck up the residue before he shoots load over Jack’s torso. And after he does Jack moves forward to suck the cum from Cory’s tip.. Another satisfying scene from Cocky Boys that offers more reasons to love Jack and Cory.

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